A pint a day keeps the doctor away!

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Regular moderate beer-drinking’ slows down decline in good cholesterol’

That means the arteries are protected from build-up that can cause stroke

Researchers received men should drink 2 pints a day, girls 1 pint a day

The study was presented at the American Heart Association meeting

A pint of beer a day drastically cuts your risk of having a stroke in later life, a new survey claims.

A study of 80,000 adults over six years determined those who drank moderate quantities of alcohol on a regular basis had far greater control over their cholesterol levels compared to those who did not drink at all.

And the best available tipple for heart health, according to the study, was beer, as opposed to spirits.

The findings, presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting on Monday, could have the potential to shape dietary guidelines.

Chin chin! Adults who drink moderate quantities of alcohol on a regular basis have far greater control over their cholesterol levels than those who do not drink at all, a new survey claims

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University were focusing on alcohol’s affect on HDL levels( or’ good’ cholesterol ).

It is not unheard of for doctors to warn against excessive drinking for the toll it could put one over your cardiovascular system.

But this study received controlled alcohol intake is in fact healthier than going tee-total.

HDL defends the heart from build-up of’ bad’ cholesterol, which blogs up in the veins, inducing it harder for blood to flow to the heart.

Naturally, the researchers assured a steady decrease in HDL levels over time in all participants.

However, men who had one or two pints a day, and women who had one pint a day, experienced a far slower deterioration is comparable to non-drinkers or heavy drinkers.

Spirit lovers would have to be very restrictive of their drinking to enjoy the same benefits, the research team found.

Only those who drank very light quantities( less than one serving a day for men, and less than 0.4 serves a day for women) assured a slower decline in HDL levels.

There weren’t enough wine drinkers to test wine’s impacts on HDL, researchers said.

The American study only included Chinese participants.

Lead researcher Shue Huang said she hopes to do further analyses in other populations and other types of alcohol.

Source: Daily Mail

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