“Are you doin ” constipated? Then you’re at 13% more likely to develop kidney failure

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Sufferers have a 13% higher opportunity of developing chronic kidney disease

While they are 9% more likely to have their organ fail- which can be deadly

Either kidney condition increases the need for dialysis or a transplant

Being diagnosed with constipation early may help prevent both conditions

Experts also say a diet that incorporates more fibres could reduce the risk

Adults suffering from constipation are nine per cent more likely to develop kidney failure- which can be fatal

Being constipated increases health risks of developing kidney cancer, scientists warn.

Sufferers of the common condition have a 13 per cent higher opportunity of developing the chronic ailment which causes the organs to not work as effectively.

While having bowel difficulties also leaves adults at higher hazard of kidney failure- the last stage of the disease which can be deadly, new research suggests.

An early diagnosis of constipation may help doctors to prevent either of the conditions from occuring, experts believe.

They also say a healthier diet that incorporates more fibre and exerting could help stop the need for dialysis or a transplant.

A high fibre diet is known to keep people’s bowel movement regular.

Constipation, which is believed to affect one in seven adults, can have a variety of impacts on human health.

It is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease- believed to be through effects caused by stomach bacteria.

But researchers from the University of Tennessee wanted to assess its effect on kidney health.

They analyse more than 3.5 million US veterans with normal kidney function.

Participants were initially examined in 2004 before being followed up in 2006 and is again seven years after that.

Patients with moderate constipation were 13 per cent more likely to develop chronic kidney cancer, they found.

Experts say a healthier diet that incorporates more fibre and exerting more could help prevent kidney problems in future

They were also had a nine per cent higher opportunity of suffering from kidney failure.

While adults who were more severely constipated had a much higher hazard of both kidney disease and failure.

Lead researcher Dr Csaba Kovesdy said:’ Our findings highlight the plausible is connected with the intestine and the kidneys and offer additional insights into the pathogenesis of kidney cancer progression.

‘Our results indicate the need for careful observation of kidney function trajectory in patients with constipation, particularly among those with more severe constipation.’

He added that lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet or exerting more could potentially protect kidney health- alongside probiotic supplements.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Source: Daily Mail

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