Could vitamin B1 remedy the shakes?’ Remarkable’ therapy ensure two Italian patients have their tremors halted through super-strength injections

Two Italian patients in their 70 s “ve been given” high doses of thiamine, or vitamin B1

They were plagued by tremors before the therapy, according to researchers
But the life-changing injections stopped both of their tremors, experts revealed

Super-strength doses of vitamin B1 could cure the shakes, scientists claim.

The’ remarkable’ therapy worked on two patients in their 70 s- and stopped their tremors from playing havoc on their lives.

Stunning video footage showed how thiamine, or vitamin B1, changed the lives of the patients, who were both beset by the shakes.

The life-changing injections a which provide 100 times more of the vitamin than recommended- devoted one human the ability to drink a cup of tea again.

Italian researchers at a nursing home, who tested the high dosages of thiamine, believe it could offer hope of a new way of combating essential tremors.

Medics, led by Dr Antonio Constantini, published the results of the ongoing three-year long trial in the prestigious BMJ Case Reports.

He wrote:’ High-dose thiamine has led to a rapid, remarkable and persistent improvement of the symptoms in two patients with essential tremor.

‘This result suggests the possibility that high doses of intramuscular thiamine may be an affordable alternative .’ He added it was’ highly effective’.

No side effects have been noted in so far a unlike that of the current narcotics given to patients with essential tremor to combat tremors, or the shakes.

The neurological disease, which can greatly affect life quality, ten-strikes between four and 10 per cent of persons, according to estimates.

Dr Costantini, of the Villa Immacolata in Viterbo, added:’ We deem necessary a lifelong utilize of high-dose thiamine in affected subjects.’


Essential tremor is a type of uncontrollable shake or tremble of part of the body. “Were not receiving” cure.

Most people with essential tremor experience a shiver, up-and-down movement of the hands.

The arms, head, eyelids, lips and other muscles can also be affected. A tremor in the voice box( larynx) may cause a shaky voice.

Essential tremor is a common movement ailment affecting around four out of 100 adults over 40 years of age. Some people only have a mild tremor at first, which usually get more severe over time.

Source: NHS Choices

The man, who was 70 when he started treatment four years ago in 2014, suffered from the shakes for five years before trying help.

It initially affected his handwriting but it eventually robbed him of his ability to use a spoon, pour items and even carry trays.

Doctors in Viterbo a 50 miles (8 0km) north of Rome a dedicated him two doses of 100mg of thiamine weekly. Adults are advised to have 1mg each day.

He scored 17 on a points scale designed to measure symptoms of essential tremor before treatment. This fallen to simply 6.5 three months after.

The woman, who also suffered from essential tremor, realised that she had a slight shake while decorating objects with her tools.

She sought assistance at the same clinic and in November 2014 was started on 100 mg injections of thiamine twice a week.

Before the therapy she scored 21 phases on the ADLS tremor score. This fallen to seven after three months of the injections.

Source: Daily Mail

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