Powerful therapy for craving, ibogaine, banned in US

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State legislators, medical marijuana patients, doctors and adult cannabis consumers have been stymied in many ways by the federal listing of cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance. However, cannabis is not unique in that regard.

Another herbal medication that has support from the cannabis community is the iboga plant, source of ibogaine used to treat a variety of addictions.
For example, another powerful medication plant, the iboga shrub, is similarly banned from medical employ. What makes iboga a special case is that its major medical value has been as an effective treatment for addiction to alcohol and hard drugs.

Once again, the Drug War that is supposed to prevent addiction is used instead to withheld treatment from the individuals who most need it.

Marijuana reformers know all too well the hypocrisy of the US Drug War. Since pot activist Jack Herer first began touring the country promoting consciousness of hemp for food, fuel and fiber, people have been talking about the Ibogaine cure for addiction. About the same hour the inventor of Smoke-in, Howard Lotsof, had a unique response to Nancy Reaganas blaming marijuana for hard drug addictions: Treat addicts employing ibogaine.

Cannabis to reduce opioid use; ibogaine to treat hard drug addiction

aIf we couldnat get the government to go along with a coffee shop strategy, like the Netherlands, ibogaine was the next best way to keep crystal meth and heroin from taking over the pot scene, a recalled New York City activist Dana Beal. aIbogaine was found to knock out withdrawal, and remove 98% of craving for opiates in 48 hours. And ibogaine was smart: It allows us to detoxify addicts one medication problem at a time, which is the only way you can ever do it.a

Today in a medical marijuana movement responding to an AMA that overprescribes opiates, cannabis is used to reduce the amount of opioids patients consume while ibogaine is used with kratom and heantos to transition patients off the pills to a cannabis-only regimen.

Video:” Ibogaine: Rite of Passage”
Recovered heroin addicts discuss their ibogaine experiences and the tribal roots of the plant are explored in the video, Ibogaine: Rite of Passage.
Ancient plant removes withdrawal symptoms

Ibogaine is naturally sourced from a number plants, most famously tabernanthe iboga. It is a nerve growth agent, carrying the endogenous neurotrophin, Glia-Derived Neurotrophic Factor which regenerates dopamine neurons desensitized by medications like crystal meth and alcohol.

aPeople succumb every year from methadone cold turkey in midwestern jails which refuse it to captives. On the other hand, GDNF is the bodyas own peptide for re-sprouting frazzled dopamine dendrites and trashed-out receptors, a noted Beal. aYou construct plenty of it in the womb a your kidneys wonat sort without GDNF to orchestrate adrenal gland formation) but not enough as an adult to spring back from chronic receptor desensitization due to alcohol and drugs( which is experienced as craving ). a

Video: “” Parkinson’s and Ibogaine”
The employ of ibogaine to treat Parkinsonas disease, depicted in the documentary aParkinsonas and Ibogaine, a is sympathetic with the use of cannabis to treat the movement disorder.

Ibogaine doesnat cure addiction so much as make it a lot easier to quit. Ibogaine causes a 10 -fold increase in GDNF, which not only triggers a growth spurt in your dopamines, but back-signals to the cell nucleus telling it to construct more GDNF. Ibogaine also turns into a long-lasting serotonergic metabolite , nor-ibogaine, that improves mood for a month or more while it continues to pump out GDNF in a benign, self-sustaining, auto-regulating loop.

Parkinsonas patients also stand to benefit

Recently, micro-doses of only 4 to 8 milligrams a thousandths of a gram a be considered to reverse Parkinsonas disease.

Traditionally, ibogaine is given in a flood-dose of a gram or more sufficient to squelch full-on heroin withdrawal about equivalent to that given to a robust dose of methadone a except that while you have to go thru a 36 hour ibogaine trip, the opiate withdrawal isnat back the next day the way “its with” methadone.

aAll this is necessary at that point is the right bud, a noted Beal, adding that about half-a-gram is the psycholytic dose used for PTSD and bipolar disorders.

Trumpas cabinet pickings frets the medication reform community

Under the new world of Donald Trump, the same phony agateway effecta debate is about to be resurrected by conservative enemies of marijuana intent of reversing 20 years of progress since the passage of Prop 215. The original architect of Nixonas Drug War, Carlton Turner, as well as Kevin Sabet, who led the opposition to several marijuana legalization initiatives that were passed by voters in 2016, are both touting a new Drug War.

While Trump ostensibly supports medical cannabis and statesa rights, his pick for DEA is Sessions, a supporter of zero tolerance and property forfeiture. Cannabis reformers are looking for ways to hold Trump to his campaign promises down schedule cannabis and step back. Fortunately for ibogaine, while illegal in the US, it is still legally available in other countries.

aIt would be good if the entire cannabis movement was ready with the rejoinder that the DEA is basically responsible for the present opiate/ crystal meth crisis, a told Beal. aThe Feds have been maintaining ibogaine out of the hands of trained medical professionals here in the USA; the very people who could administer it safely in the tricky business of get folks off of their cravings, from cigarettes to methadone and suboxone, which are far more difficult to break than heroin.

Americans must go to other countries for ibogaine treatment

aFortunately, governments in other countries are more enlightened, which creates some great business opportunities while helping people break the cycle of addiction to get their lives back together.a

Source: The Leaf Online

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