Purslane Extract May Improve Glucose Uptake

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Frutarom Health( Haifa, Israel) has shared new analyse outcomes indicating its Portusana purslane herb( Portulaca oleracea L .) extract may improve glucose uptakeaoffering further evidence for its potential anti-diabetic properties. In vitro models revealed that the purslane extract induced translocation of glucose transporter protein type 4( GLUT4 ), which is considered a key aspect in lessening elevated blood glucose levels in diabetes patients, Frutarom explains.

A team of researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria( Wels, Austria ), led by Julian Weghuber, PhD, studied the GLUT4 translocationainducing properties of 7 different plant extracts. Insulin sensitive CHO-K1 cells and adipocytes were treated with the plant preparations, and researchers used total internal reflection fluorescence( TIRF) microscopy to quantify GLUT4 translocation. Of the seven extracts analyse, two were found to induce GLUT4 translocationapurslane and tindora( Coccinia grandis ).

Researchers also used atomic force-out microscopy to demonstrated complete plasma membrane insert of these two extracts, which also suggested a acompound-mediated distribution of GLUT4 molecules in the plasma membrane similar to insulin-simulated conditions.a Additionally, such studies incorporated a fluorescent actin marker to find that that purslane and tindora appeared to impact actin remodeling as complied with in insulin treated cells. And beyond the in vitro models, there was also an in ovo aspect of the trial that suggested both tindora and purslane significantly reduced blood glucose levels in a chicken embryo.

aIn conclusion, this study corroborates the anti-diabetic properties of tindora and purslane, which stimulate GLUT4 translocation in an insulin-like manner, a researchers concluded. They also noted that due to the alack of pharmaceuticals that specifically increase the uptake of glucose from the blood circuit, a these results may go as especially welcome news to the diabetic research community.

aThis breakthrough research demonstrates that purslane extract could be efficient in supporting healthy blood glucose levels, a says Virginie Codran, product director for Frutarom Health. aPurslane is back by multiple research studies that support the findings of the study led by Julian Weghuber . This analyse corroborates the positive effects of Portusana itself.a

Source: Nutritional Outlook Magazine

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