Sabinsa’s Boswellin Super May Improve Knee Pain

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Boswellin Super, a Boswellia serrata extract from Sabinsa( East Windsor, NJ ), was found to alleviate knee ache in healthy Japanese adults in a new examine. Results of the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, published in The European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, also indicate the boswellia extract inhibited secretion of hyaluronic acid into blood.

The study included 47 healthy adult subjects with knee ache who were randomized to consume a daily capsule containing either 100 mg/ day of Boswellin Super or a placebo for eight weeks. Participants in the boswellia group had a mean age of 48.2 +/ – 10.9, while participants in the placebo group had a mean age of 49 +/ – 9.8 years. Researchers measured participant knee ache at baseline, four weeks into the intervention, and eight weeks into the intervention with three primary outcome measures: the Visual Analog Scale( VAS ), the Japanese Knee Osteoarthritis Measure( JKOM ), and the Western Ontario& McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index( WOMAC ). Additionally, researchers measured serum hyaluronic acid and high sensitive C-reactive protein of participants.

After eight weeks of intervention, different groups consuming Boswellin Super showed significant improvements to the VAS, JKOM, and WOMAC scores is comparable to baseline. Additionally, serum hyaluronic acid levels were found to be lower in the boswellia group than the placebo group after 8 weeks of intervention.

aAlthough the fluctuation within all the groups was not significant, the mean serum hyaluronic acid level in the[ Boswellin Super] group lessened while that in the placebo group increased, a researchers noted. aTherefore, these results suggest that the B. serrata extract may hinder hyaluronidase activity, which in turn squelches the outflow of hyaluronic acid to serum.a They added that knee-joint paint acould be correlated with high serum hyaluronic acid levels.a

Based on the findings, researchers concluded that Boswellin Super acould find potential use to relieve knee-pain both patients and manage related inflammatory conditions.a

Source: Nutritional Outlook Magazine

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