Study supports French oak wood extract’s liver benefits

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A daily 300 mg dosage of the Robuvit-brand French oak wood extract for 12 weeks was associated with faster recovery from the symptoms of temporary alcohol-related liver damage, according to findings published in Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica.

Researchers from Irvine3 Labs and D’Annunzio University report that the oak wood extract was associated with significant improvements in tiredness, fatigue, and nausea related to alcohol intoxication.” Temporary hepatic damage” is a common condition affecting the liver, which can be caused by alcohol intake, certain prescription drugs and overuse of acetaminophen.

” Results from this registry survey indicate a significant potential activity of Robuvit, associated with a very good security profile, in patients with non-severe, temporary hepatic failing due to alcohol. The recovery of hepatic function is faster with Robuvit, compared to the best possible therapy ,” they wrote.

” The activity of this supplement seems to be mediated by its antioxidant activity in topics with increased oxidative stress .”


Horphag Research launched the ingredient, a water extract from the Quercus Robur species that are grown sustainably in the wood of the Massif Central region in France, without much fanfare in 2015 because the company couldn’t satisfy everyone’s demand. It was initially only available from Life Extension, Swanson, and Dr Fred Pescatore’s NuLogic Nutritionals brands.

The company announced earlier this year that they had completed a dedicated production line in France, and was extending the availability to additional US customers.

According to the company, the active compounds in Robuvit are roburins and other flavonoids unique to oak wood. Possible the system of action include changes in the duties of the cellular protein factories called ribosomes.

The ingredient is already the subject of 11 published papers listed on PubMed, and supported by US patents for the Quercus extracts for mood and energy( US Patent# 9,060, 999) and sex health (# 9,066, 924 ).

Data from researchers in Slovakia and Italy have indicated efficacy in improving energy, tiredness, and tension in both healthy people( Phytotherapy Research, 2015, Vol. 29, pp. 1219 -1 224) and individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome( Journal of Neurosurgical Science, 2015, Vol. 59, pp. 105 -1 17 ). There was also a study with triathletes, which reported significant improvements in training performance and recovery, compared with controls( Minerva Cardioangiologica, 2015, Vol. 63, pp. 403 -4 09 ).

Study details

The new open-label pilot survey looked at the opportunities offered by the ingredient in 44 healthy people who consumed alcohol. The participants were haphazardly assigned to receive a daily Robuvit dose or a control group for 12 weeks.

Results showed that people in the oak wood extract group had higher and faster increases in albumin levels, compared with the control group after six weeks, but values after 12 weeks were not significantly different.

In addition, significant improvements in total bilirubin were observed Robuvit topics after six weeks, compared to control, but not at 12 weeks, while significant improvements in direct bilirubin were observed Robuvit topics after 12 weeks, compared to control.

For the liver enzymes The ALT-SGPT and AST-ASAT, significantly larger lessenings were observed in the Robuvit group after 12 weeks, compared with the control group. Gamma GT values were normalized at 6 and 12 weeks in the Robuvit group, said the researchers, while decreases in the control group was less important and the numbers had not normalized after 12 weeks.

Self-reported levels of tiredness and fatigue were improved in the Robuvit group, compared with the control group.

” As the metabolites of the ellagitannins counteract all the pro-inflammatory cytokines or adhesion molecules, the beneficial action of[ Quercus Robur] on[ moderate functional hepatic failing] is most probably the result of its anti-inflammatory action in association with the antioxidant activity ,” wrote the researchers.

Source: Minerva Gastroenterologica e Dietologica
Volume 62, Number 3, Pages 245 -2 52, PubMed: 2740426 1
” Supplementary management of functional, temporary alcoholic hepatic damage with Robuvit( French oak wood extract )”
Authors: L. Pellegrini et al.

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