TCM herbal paste consumption grows by 10 -1 5% annually

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THE consumption is Gaofang, or herbal paste of traditional Chinese medicine, is growing by 10 to 15 percentage annually in recent years with demand on health care and protection rising stably in china, local TCM experts said during the National Gaofang Conference at Shanghai Longhua Hospital yesterday.

The gaofang branch under Shanghai Medical Association was also officially put up in order to regulate gaofang prescription, preparation, medical staff management and gaofang quality monitoring.

Gaofang is a popular TCM reinforcing therapy in wintertime. It’s a jelly-like medicine made from condensed liquid herbal medicine and other ingredients such as honey and brown sugar. Physicians usually should check each person and then give prescription that suits individual condition.

Dr Zhou Duan from Shanghai Longhua Hospital and director of the gaofang branch, said the authority will give training and regulation on medical staff on gaofang prescription, companies preparing and processing gafang and quality of herbs.

aThere are some incorrect practices in the industry targeting purely on earning, a he told. aImproper uptake of gaofang can harm peopleas health instead.a

Source: Shanghai Daily

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