10 benefits of a tiny garden

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Gardens on a grand scale can be gorgeous, to be sure, but they are not without their drawbacks. They can be pricey to install and labor-intensive to preserve, and they need huge amounts of water to stay green. A small garden, on the other hand, can be just as charming and rewarding to spend time in, but with far less attempt. If you have a tiny garden to call your own, here are 10 reasons to count your blessings.

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1. A tiny garden is available with your own patch of green in the city. If you live in an urban area and are lucky enough to have a bit of outdoor space to call your own, it stimulates sense to attain the most of it. Treat yourself to some garden therapy by outfitting your urban outdoor space with as much greenery as you are able to fit. Add grass or a cushy ground cover, potted plants and even a vertical garden or climbing plants on the fence.

2. A tiny garden allows for bigger splurges . The good news about designing a pint-size garden is that with less area to cover-up, you can afford to shell out a bit more on materials or even a professional scenery design that wouldnt be feasible in a larger space. What sort of garden have you always wanted? Consider ways to translate what you love into a small scale.

3. A tiny garden is the perfect sizing for beginners. When you are just starting a garden for the first time, its easy to cover-up too much ground those seed catalogs do look so tempting and end up with too many garden chores and not enough time. A tiny garden, on the other hand, is ideal for beginners as it forces-out you to start small. You will be glad you did.

4. A tiny garden is just the right sizing for one( or two ). A little corner of outdoor space can attain the perfect place to get away, unwind and relax, without specific commitments of a large yard. When lined with lush plants, even a tiny terrace or deck can feel like a secret garden stimulated just for you. To maximize privacy from neighbours, consider adding tall trellises or potted trees to create a green canopy.

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5. A tiny garden can be magical. A small space beg for a dramatic touch. Why not follow your heart and add a really special piece to your compact garden? Consider a moon gate, fountain, sculpture, mosaic track or a special rare bloom or tree specimen.

6. A tiny garden can feel amazingly big. By softening the leading edge of the space with greenery and unifying the hardscaping, even a small terrace or courtyard can look and feel much larger than its actual sizing. Thats the wonderful thing about plants there is something about them that has a sort of magical space-opening effect. Its as if some deep part of our brain watches the foliages and vines and chooses it must be the beginning of a jungle.

7. A tiny garden can be a Zen oasis . Japanese-style Zen gardens are ideally suited to small spaces because they are designed to mimic the seem and feel of a scenery on a smaller scale. And even if your outdoor space is too small to handle a complete Zen rock garden, it can surely hold a few beautiful potted bonsai.

8. A tiny garden can be lush. Fill in your garden with layers of plantings in different heights for a really lush seem. Use a climbing plant along the fence( or use a trellis ), plant a few larger shrubs in the background for structure and depth, and fill in the beds with perennials for year-round interest.

9. A tiny garden can be simple . Not so big on horticulture? Even a few small pots of plants or fresh herbs on the balcony can attain your outdoor space feel more welcoming and lively, without necessitating any more care than a houseplant. Coordinate the colour and finish of your planters with your other outdoor furnishings for an intentionally designed look.

10. A tiny garden can be whatever you attain of it. Whether your little garden is in the city or suburb, outside a townhouse or on the balcony of an apartment building, the square footage may be small, but your imagination need not be limited. You can use your balcony to grow strawberries and lettuce, turn your terrace into a tea garden or plant a square of grass just right for barbecues in your urban backyard.

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