40 Days New Businesses Just Said’ Screw It’ and Utilized an Old Building

The thing about fast food, or “quick casual dining” if you’re impression fancy, is that most of the creation are in fairly recognizable houses. You know the pizza shanty, the golden archways, and the big ‘ol bucket that offers you fried chicken.

That’s why when those business close up shop and move on with “peoples lives” a couple miles down the road, it makes sense for the incoming business to do something to kind of change up the looking a bit. I’m not saying they have to completely renovate the place and start from scratch, but perhaps put a little bit of endeavour into buying a new sign or something?

In other terms, these houses aren’t fooling anyone…


Yo quiero latte.

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And on the eighth day, the Lord told, “Wednesday we will honor double coupons.”

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Who requires burgers when you can go to the king for great fries?

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Get the “best buy” on your Halloween decor.

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Technically there might be circuits in an auto components store…

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I’m guessing it didn’t take “days” for this idea to come to fruition.

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Sushi Bell?

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Nice try, guys.

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