6 vegetarian ways to stimulate your Thanksgiving shine

Giving thank you for having these delicious vegetarian dishes .

Thanksgiving, for all its stuffing and creamed corn, generally relegates veggies to the side dishes.

After all, it’s all about that turkey, right? Wrong, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan( or merely don’t like turkey ).

Here are six vegetarian main courses that are so hearty, flavorful and seasonal you might find your most meat-hungry friends forgoing the drumstick for another helping of the veggies.

1. Vegan pot pie

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This recipe from Minimalist Baker is so on phase it’s hard to say what its strongest suit is. It is vegan, it’s savory, it’s hearty and it comes together in an hour. It’s also topped with pumpkin sage cookies. But if that’s too daunting, you can replace any canned cookie, pie dough or puffed pastry.

2. Mac and cheese baked in a pumpkin

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If you’re merely use pumpkin in sweet pies, it’s time to expand your horizons. Hollow out a sugar or mini pumpkin then roast the seeds for snacks. Then, bake the pumpkin until the flesh is soft and use it as a ship for macaroni and cheese. Scoop out the soft, creamy pumpkin flesh with each spoonful of noodles. Use a recipe( omit any meat included in the ingredient listing) or go out on a limb and make your own culinary masterpiece.

3. Cauliflower tart

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When roasted, cauliflower has a meaty, crunchy outside-creamy inside quality that constructs it perfect main dish fare. Laden onto a buttery crust, it’s delicious whether paired with red onions and chestnuts, caramelized onions and Gruyere cheese or savory Indian spices like cumin and coriander.

4. Squash soup with almond ricotta and coconut bacon

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The technique to Inspiralize Everything’sroasted butternut squash soup is familiar. Roasted squash is pureed then mixed with aromatics and liquid. Maintain in mind this recipe includes a dollop of homemade almond ricotta cheese and tangles of coconut bacon. Yes, that’s right, vegan bacon. Cookbook author Molly Yeh calls the coconut bacon, “sweet and addictive. It’s like smoky candy.” Okay, counting us in.

5. Sweet potato risotto

Marshmallows, hit the bricks. This risotto, from Jessica Merchant of How Sweet it Is, folds sweet potato puree into creamy risotto scented with Parmesan and fresh herbs. She tops hers with crispy bacon, which you may leave on the table for carnivores or omit entirely.

6. Vegetarian crown roast

Sure, this is really merely maple roasted squash and stuffing( both of which are delicious, BTW) with a few fanciful decorations, but as a showstopper it has earned its spot on this list.

Bring on the vegetarian Thanksgiving.

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