911 Dispatchers Reveal the Dumbest Calls They’ve Ever Received

So you thought that you had to put up with idiots at work, did you?

Well, you probably do. We all do. But most of us don’t have to deal with the level of stupidity that 911 dispatchers do on a daily basis.

So while I may have tried to open my car door with a pen today, I can still rest assured in the knowledge that I have yet to call 911 with an absurd, inappropriate, or literally insane issue. However, I should note that the day is not over yet.

These 911 dispatchers took to Reddit to share the dumbest calls they’ve ever received. And they reveal some seriously stupid, clinically insane, yet oddly satisfying stories.

Not only do they make the rest of us look that much smarter and saner, but they also show us the humanity that lies in between the violence and crime they constantly confront as 911 dispatchers.

They are the crazy old ladies, mischievous little girls, determined burrito makers, concerned horse owners, and overly honest criminals.

They are stupid and they are crazy, but we kind of love them anyway. Is that so wrong? Oh well, we clearly have a lot to work on as a society, anyway.

But for now, let’s just laugh at the utter idiocy of our species.

So without further ado, may we present to you the dumbest calls these 911 dispatchers have ever received.


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