Exploding pizza bombs are taking over the world

Forget wood fired pizza. This pizza is just literally on fire.

Thats idea behind a new culinary tendency taking South Korea by storm.

Italian eatery The Place in Seoulis home to the “Bomb Pizza”a bubble of dough filled with sauce, cheese and various toppings.

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Upon service, the giant ballwhich can be pink or black( squid ink flavor) — is brushed with alcohol and light on fire, cooking the ingredients within at the diners table. To avoid any melted cheese tragedies, a waiter uses scissors to cut the upper part of the bubble, uncovering the pizza within.

New York City-based chef Diane Hendricks stopped by Fox& Friends to recreate this explosive dish thats defining the internet on fire.

Really a lot of its for show, says Hendricks, who explains that you need to cook your pizza most of the route through before performing the tableside flambe.

Instead of using a plain alcohol, Hendricks infuses hers with Italian herbs. Once the flame burns out, youre left with a flavorful pizza bomb crust.

We dont recommend trying this at home but if you need to set anything on fire, please do it outside

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