Here Are 15 People Who Took Their Backyard Fences To A Whole New Level. #8 Is Just Stunning

There are a bunch of awesome ways to improve your outdoor space this spring and coming summer. Even if you are satisfied with your outdoor area, there are always creative ways to jazz it up and make a more interesting place to hang out.

Fences are a great way to add major flare to your backyard. There are a ton of things you can do to your existing fence including creating murals or adding on functional items.

Think about it. Fences have always been one big blank, and usually boring, space. Check out these unique ways to create a beautiful fence which will really pop this summer.

1. Tree Mural Fence

All you need is an afternoon and a can of paint! This is a real eye-catching fence that will be a blast to create and the results are beautiful. Its not that hard either. First pencil in a design, or enlist an artist friend to do it. Then just take your time, and slowly fill in the design with your favorite colors!

2. Bird House Fence

Birdhouses are totally fun to create. Buy or build some wooden birdhouses and then paint them up. You will add something beautiful to your fence, and very beneficial to the birds!

3. Marble Fence

Drill some holes in your fence and simply fill them with marbles!

4. Beach Mural Fence

If you want to get a little bit more complex, then the beach mural fence is for you. You can also enlist a local artist to do this as well. No matter where you live, you will always have that beach vibe going strong.

5. Cozy Cottage Fence

Objects are great for creating a folk art look and giving your area a whole lot of character. Water and weather resilient craft objects are best if you want them to last. Otherwise you could allow your objects to age naturally and fade in color, giving added character.

6. Mirror Fence

Vintage windows and salvaged materials were used to create this. Stick some decals or stickers on your mirrors to avoid having birds crash into them. They have specific stickers for this that you can buy.

7. Calvin and Hobbes Mural Fence

This particular fence was done back in 2013. Very unique and definitely inspiring if you are into Calvin and Hobbes, or if you have your own favorite animated/comic characters which you think would be cool to mural on your fence.

8. Butterfly Fence

Curtis Fesser built butterflies from roofing flashing and copper wire. It turned out so impressive that the local news came out to do a story on it!

9. Vertical Garden Fence

Vertical gardens are all the rage nowadays as they are a great and convenient way to plant flowers or even grow food out of.

10. Tin Can Garden Fence

Want to go more folk art with your hanging garden? Heres the DIY version utilizing tin can planters!

11. Flowers On An Old Shutter Fence

Old shutters standing side by side, along with some tin flower folk art, can create a very unique fence-like barrier!

12. Carved Gecko Fence

Heres a simple way to make your artistic mark. Carve a creature on your fence! Here we have a carved gecko which is a subtle way to add a creative flare to your fence.

13. Another Vertical Garden Fence

Again, vertical gardens are awesome! You can grow herbs and all kinds of plants. Tomatoes too! They dont need as much water as your typical garden.

14. Rain Boot Garden Fence

Heres a way to upgrade your fence without spending a fortune. This was made from used kids rain boots and its a very unique looking planter!

15. Sunflower Mural Fence

This is located at ChocolaTree Organic Eatery in Sedona, Arizona. Really great sunflower mural that transformed a boring fence to one that truly shines!

Share these awesome backyard fence designs with all of your friends and family!

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