Heres a Healthy Lunch For EVERY Day of the Month

You know the routine. The week starts out and you have the best of intentionsto make healthy lunches you can take to work instead of ordering out.

Then 8: 01 AM on Mondayrolls around and you’re flying out the door, grabbing one of the healthy breakfasts we depicted you last time, but wholly forgotten that you didn’t packa luncheven a salad. Ugh. Can I get a No. 3 and a side of regret?

Well, despair no more! Here are 30 healthy yet simple lunches you can make in advance that will make all your coworkers jealous( and glad you’re not burning popcorn in the microwave out of desperation ).


Spicy and bold chicken, sweet and juicy grilled pineapple, refreshing crisp local lettuce, local tomatoes, and avocado.

Winner, winner, chicken…well, lunch.


You wont even miss the mayo when you blend the chicken, egg, and nuts with avocado.

Put it on a sandwich or spoonful immediately into your mouth. No judgement.


If youre more a taco salad person than a Cobb, get trendy and bring this kale beast with beans, cheese, and millions of veggies thats actually healthy into your life.

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