How to have a sustainable vacation season and help make the world a better place

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The planet needs our help.

According to the United Nations, less than 3 percent of the Earths water is drinkable, one in nine people in the world today are undernourished and some 103 million youth worldwide absence basic literacy skills.

But by doing our part and starting at home, we can all make a difference. From deep economic chasms and climate volatility to increased needs in the fields of health, food systems and more, constructing positive changes to help create a better world is more important than ever.

During the busy holiday season, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget what’s really important.

We can all do our component to assist transform the world. By selecting products from sustainably minded companies and attempting out charitable initiatives to incorporate into the holiday season, we can work together to help aim poverty, protect countries around the world and ensure prosperity for all.

So this year, consider others in your holiday schemes by attempting out gifts, decor inspiration and more that help to construct the world a better place.

Here are five ideas for how you can have a sustainable holiday a little bit of conscious capitalism runs a long way.

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Cook your style to a better world

Whether youre flexing your baking muscles for the first time or crafting a holiday meal worth envying, opt for ingredients that help give back. Good Spread natural peanut butter donates food to malnourished children for every packet or jar of product they sell, while socially conscious company Krakakoa sells Fair Trade chocolate sourced from small farmers and grown using sustainable farming practises. When shopping for groceries, search out other like-minded food companies, like Newmans Own Organic, which sources ingredients from organic farms, subsistences sustainable farming programs and to date has donated more than $475 million to thousands of charities around the world. There’s also Siam Organic, a social enterprise from Thailand which sources its organic rice altogether from small-scale farmers. Whats more, their superfood Jasberry rice is sustainably farmed and good for your health: it contains ten times more antioxidants than blueberries.

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Seek out natural decor

Some plastics can take on average 450 years to biodegrade, with some requiring upwards of 1,000 years to break entirely. In the process, this widely used material clogs up waterways, damages wildlife and pollutes countries around the world. This year, try to eliminate plastic decor from your holiday wholly or opt for a real Christmas tree that is surprisingly better for the environment that an artificial one Maybe you didnt realize it, but your backyard and local marketplace can provide all the holiday decor this is necessary. Opt for natural elements that you can gather from your garden, like flowers and tree cuts. While at the store, look at the make section in a new way, constructing things like citrus, pomegranates and popcorn part of your holiday decor arsenal. Try arranging them in a glass bowl as a centerpiece or surrounding a white candle. Feeling inspired? Check out these effortlessly ethical hackers and DIY projects for a greener and merrier Christmas.

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Select gifts that give back

When shopping for family members or friends, choose presents that help promote good tidings. Places like shoe company Toms, apparel company Twice as Warm and soap company Hand in Hand all follow the one for one model: for every purchase you construct, they donate one of their products to communities in need. There are tons of great buy-one-give-one gift options for your gadget-loving friends. Looking to give a gift that will really construct you feel good? Yellow Leaf Hammocks works directly with families in Thailand to help create jobs and eliminate poverty. When checking off your listing, try to look for other companies that pay it forward. Whether its the one-for-one model or percentage points of proceeds thats sent to charity, you can feel good about your holiday shopping when you have chosen products that help others .

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Choose wrapping paper with a conscience

Founded in 2014 following a successful Kickstarter campaign, PaperForward makes earth-conscious, thoughtful wrapping paper made from recycled paper and vegetable-based ink and donates part of their proceeds to educational charities like Jumpstart and The Ocean Institute. Available online, giftwrap alternatives range from the non-denominational Whale of a Blizzard to designs that speak to Christmas and Hannukah, like Dread Pirate Gingerbread and Hanukktopus.

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Raise your glass to a sustainable holiday

Each bottle of wine purchased from One Hope comes with a nice kickback: a charitable donation that helps someone in need. For example, when you buy a bottle of their 2013 Napa Valley Reserve Red Blend, youre also helping to end homelessness by funding job-preparation services. A bottle of their 2015 Sonoma Reserve Rose helps with ovarian cancer prevention. One Hope works with a number of charities and non-profits, covering everything from global healthcare and anti-poverty initiatives to programs that required to provide clean water and work to end child starvation. Further proof that a glass of wine is good for the heart.

For more ideas to construct your Christmas truly count, check out Asia For Goods gift guidebooks and hackers for a merrier, more sustainable way to celebrate the festive season.

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