IKEA’s Genius Recipe Posters Make Cooking Effortless With A Simple Trick

September 10, 2017

IKEA’s mission on this Earth is to stimulate everything simple and understandable, which comes in handy for those working of us stumbling through life without a clue. While their furniture sometimes misses the mark, a series of recipes they’ve only released makes cooking appear easier than Paint By Numbers, and we’re pretty sure we’ll never be able to follow a normal recipe again.

The Canadian branch of the Swedish furniture tycoon teamed up with Toronto-based marketing company Leo Burnett to generate Cook This Page , an ingenious situate of illustrated recipes which they unveiled at a recent IKEA Canada kitchen event. Each one displays draws of the ingredients required, and the prospective cook only has to fill in the blanks. The best part? They’re all printed on parchment newspaper using food-safe ink, so once everything is in place, the page can be rolled up and tossed in the oven. Seriously, does it get any lower-maintenance than that?

Cook This Page has yet to reach IKEA stores, but the concept is so brilliant that we suspect it might even replace the cookbook in due time! Watch it for yourself below, and let us know if you would attempt any of these scrumptious delights.

Ravioli with Swedish meatballs, a Scandinavian take on the Italian classic

Salmon with lemon and herbs, a restaurant-quality snack you never thought you could make

Some pretty fancy shrimp that will knock the socks off your next cocktail party

See it all in action below, and get inspired to set foot in the kitchen for( likely) the first time in your life

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