Infuse Your Vodka With These Four Amazing Ingredients

Although all betches swear by their vodka sodas, theres nothing to say you cant jazz that shit up a little. I mean, vodka soda is great and all, but wouldnt it be nice if you could drink your vodka with even less soda, on the rocks, because you were a culinary genius and infused that shit with herbs and spicess.

Grab a bottle of unflavored vodka we used Grey Goose but you can use whatever shit you like. Obviously, if you choose PLASTIC BOTTLE VODKA then adding a few herbs and spices isnt going to help that much.

Next youll need to choose a flavor well help with that in a sec. Once youve chosen and have your shit ready, find a few glass jars with tight fitting lids and split up your ingredients and the vodka evenly between them.

Then, stick the jar or jars in the fridge for two to five days. Take it out like once a day and shake it because itll make it more awesome. Oh, and sample as you go each day so that you know when the flavor is where you want it.

Finally, strain the vodka back into its original bottle, removing any of the herbs, fruit, and whatever. Boom infused vodka.

Here are our top four favorite infusions to improve your vodka game this season:

Infuse with cranberries and vanilla: Want a winter treat? Of course you fucking do. Combine one liter of vodka with one vanilla pod and one cup of fresh cranberries. We smashed ours a little first, so they released more flavor. For the vanilla pod, slice it from top to bottom, keeping the top intact. Follow the above and infuse that shit.

Infuse with orange peel and cinnamon: If youre craving a fire and cozy sweater, infuse one liter of vodka with orange peel with the fruit and pith (that white part) removed. Throw in two cinnamon sticks and let that shit steeeep.

Infuse with mangoes, passionfruit, and pineapple: Its winter, so obviously anything thatll fool us into thinking were on a beach for a few days is fine by us. Use about half a whole pineapple, one whole mango, and one whole passionfruit. Peel all of them, remove any seeds and pits, and chop finely. Follow the steps above for infusing.

Infuse with chili peppers and bacon: Craving a better Bloody Mary? Of course you are. Cook six strips of bacon and set aside to drain on a paper towel. Meanwhile, remove the stems from three habanero peppers and 2 serrano peppers. Slice all in half lengthwise and wear gloves unless you want burns. Add the bacon and peppers to your jar and pour vodka over. Follow the same steps for infusing and straining.

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