The world is full of mystery; from the seven wonders of the world to the 11 herbs and spices used by KFC in their classic chicken recipe. Will we ever know the truth about them?

Whilst we may never know if aliens really did build the pyramids, mankind may just be one step closer to learning the secret behind KFC’s famous flavors after one keen-eyed Twitter user made a surprising discovery. In July 1940, the infamous Colonel Sanders finalized what is now known as the “Original Recipe”, which consists of 11 herbs and spices. The recipe has never been made public, but Sanders did allude that the ingredients “stand on everybody’s shelf.” Two of the components were confirmed as a simple blend of salt and pepper, whilst the other nine have remained a tight-lipped secret. Until now… Twitter user, Mike Edgette managed to break the code to KFC’s ingredients in a way that makes The Da Vinci Code look tame. “KFC follows 11 people,” he tactically typed. “Those 11 people? 5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb. 11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this.” Instantly this revelation went viral online as the bombshell ricocheted around each corner of the globe. With over 300,000 likes, it would appear that Edgette was the first to make the pioneering discovery. The Christopher Columbus of Twitter, if you will. Users flocked to KFC’s Twitter page to see if he was telling the truth. He was. KFC, true to brand, do indeed only follow the five Spice Girls along with six men named Herb. The mind blowing revelation has ruffled the feathers of fried chicken conspiracy theorists who speculate that this hints to the true identity of each ingredient. Could it mean that the ingredients consist of five spices and six herbs? The net is closing in on the KFC franchise as fans are left flapping their wings over this latest news. “This is literally the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” writes one user, whilst another types: “I am a better person for knowing this.” KFC are yet to comment on the revelation. Which may be due to the fact that their Social Media Manager is too busy out celebrating the fact that their hard work has been recognized after years of patiently waiting. The southern fried chicken powerhouse have 1.22 million followers on Twitter and have been members of the site since July 2008. It is not clear how long their witty follower trick has been in place, but it is safe to assume that it’s been a while. Edgette discovered the trick upon viewing the official KFC page and being surprised to see that they were only following a select 11 people – by comparison, McDonald’s follows 14,000 people. Further investigation helped him unearth the subtle trick, which he then promptly shared in order to involve everyone in his mind blowing find. Jokes quickly rolled in from enlightened users from around the globe. “They must have a seasoned marketing person,” one user comically wrote. Then big name accounts joined in, to piggyback on the free publicity that KFC was experiencing. Wendy’s found themselves a little red-faced when they tried to congratulate their competitor. “Just realized they weren’t following back. Rude. Good joke though,” they wrote. However, in response they only received jokes from users, rather than the follow from KFC that they were clearly wanting. However, if you thought that was the biggest mystery surrounding KFC then you are mistaken. This little boy reveals a surprising secret about the brand name. Can your mind handle another surprise?

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