Kid Chef Eliana got her first situated of knives at 8. Now 16, she’s building a cook empire.

When she was 8, Eliana de Las Casas posted her first video online. It was the first step in her taking the cook world by storm.

Eliana grew up in a home where food was a favorite pastime. Family meets were centered around the kitchen, and she loved being a part of that. And with grandparents from the Philippines, Cuba, and Honduras as well as Louisiana, where she lives there was a lot of good cook happening.

At around 4 years old, Eliana implored her mama to let her help out with dinners.

“I just loved ensure everyone cooking in their own families, ” she said. “And one day I was like, ‘Mom, can I help? ‘ … At 4 years old, I wrote my first recipe for strawberry and cream cheese sandwiches for a Valentines Day party.”

By 8, shed received her first knife defined and was a full-fledged chef putting together her own dinners and getting creative with recipes. Shed stumbled upon her first love.

“I have never said, ‘Oh, I want to be a doctor, a singer, or whatever.’ Ive always ever since I was 4 I was like, ‘I want to be a chef.'”

And Eliana’s family supported her. In fact, theres a chance none of this would have happened without them. Her mama, who is a published writer, encouraged her to write a food blog one summertime to hold developing her writing skills while the school year was on transgres. She dove into this assignment headfirst and loved it so much that she never stopped.

It was Eliana’s sister who indicated she post cooking tutorials on YouTube. When her display took off, the entire family chipped in to help her self-publish her first cookbook, contributing recipes and funds . They devoted her the subsistence she needed, and she let her own passion drive her.

Today, shes known as Kid Chef Eliana, and she helps both parents and kids find their way into the kitchen.

She wants to make it easier for kids to get in the kitchen so that they dont experience the young adult moment of shock and disorientation when they dont have their parents to render all of their dinners. An endless diet of ramen doesnt have to be the answer if children develop basic cook skills.

She’s also on a mission to spread the word that food that’s good for you doesnt have to be bland. She fosters families to approach all foods with moderation and tells she and her family indulge occasionally they do live in the land of Cajun food after all but they know that not every meal needs to be filled with bacon and butter. She put together an entire cookbook of some of her favorite recipes utilizing fresh foods to give households a few ideas for delicious dinners.

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