Kinin sets aromatherapy in your mouth

Kinin is a new portable aromatherapy vaporizer that, in theory, offers a refreshing violate from THC and nicotine based vapes. Multi-use products let you inhale the strange fragrances of “Narrow leaf eucalyptus, ” “Polynesian kava kava, ” and “nootropics.”

The product is part of the new tendency toward healthier vaping and is aimed at yoga lovers and other outdoorsy folks. The product contains nothing addictive and is essentially a style to gently puff on nicer stuff than tobacco.

Created by a team in San Diego, the product expenses $60 for three flavors and $22 for individual flavors including Recover( “Narrow leaf eucalyptus essential petroleums from Australia combine with peppermint and clary sage to sooth the nose and throat, while acting as an anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent.”) and Relax( “A rich combination of Polynesian kava kava offer a grounding effect and sense of oneness, while the valerian root and copaiba be used to help relaxation and rest.”)

Interestingly many of the same herbs you drink in tea or eat on feed can be vaped. Green tea, peppermint, and even chamomile can be vaped in most dry matter vaporizers and each offer a different impact including headache and congestion relief. While this doesn’t replace a nice bowl of sweet sweet ganja, it’s nice to know there is a clear and futuristic alternative to illuminating up a Celestial Season Sleepytime teabag in your bong.

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