Photos from the autumn harvest at the White House garden are here and they’re super sweet.

This week, first lady Michelle Obama hosted students from four schools at the White House.

But this was not your average tour of the executive branch. These students got unrestricted access to one of the first lady’s favorite places: the White House Kitchen Garden .~ ATAGEND

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

The garden is the first built on the White House grounds since Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous Victory Garden during World War II. The garden promptly became a passion project for Mrs. Obama and inspired her Let’s Move campaign to teach children about remaining active and eating fresh fruits and veggies.

With help from the first lady, students pulled peppers, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and even peanuts from the garden.

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

And, this year, for the first time ever, the harvest ran high tech.

As part of their new Expeditions Pioneer Program, a squad from Google attended to shoot a virtual tour of the White House Kitchen Garden. Which means that, soon, kids from coast to coast can learn more about backyard agriculture and the importance of feeing fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to the handy power of the Internet.

A camera captures a 360 -view of the garden. Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

Mrs. Obama devotes students the grand tour. Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

Of course, it wasn’t all work. The students also had time to enjoy the fruit( and veggies) of their labor.

After a busy harvest, the students sat down to lunch with the first lady. Together, they made a kitchen garden vegetable salad bowl with zesty chicken, quinoa, and farro( it’s a mouthful to tell and to feed !) from some of the greens and veggies pulled from the garden.

Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

I wish I were as excited for anything as Mrs. Obama is for salads. Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

Students have always played a big role in the White House Kitchen Garden.

The first lady broke ground and planted the garden with students in the spring of 2009, simply months after taking up residency at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The first lady and White House chef Sam Kass at the garden planting in 2009. Photo by The White House.

The White House Kitchen Garden had now been expanded to include a wide array of deliciousness, including herbs, lettuce, collard greens, carrots, peas, blooms, and a beehive. Every summertime and fall, students give a hand.

Chefs in the White House often prepare dinners use harvests from the garden and even brew brew with honey from the hive. The Obamas also donate fruits and veggies to Miriam’s Kitchen ,~ ATAGEND which serves people experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C.

Want to insured the garden for yourself? You can!

If you only can’t wait for Google’s virtual walk-through, construct plans to see the real thing.

Why should these adorable infants have all the fun? Photo by Alex Wong/ Getty Images.

Tours of the White House Kitchen Garden are free and available to school and community groups with an interest in horticulture or cook with fruits and vegetables. Groups need to sign up in advance ,~ ATAGEND and due to the number of requests , not every group can be accommodated.

But if you want to see how the first family feeds, there’s no better route.

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