She Soaks A Towel In Wet Cement. After It Dries, She Turns It Over For A Unique New Purpose

Are you ready for planting season?

This cement planter is extremely durable and totally reusable. And its easy to make one yourself! This is an awesome way to start off spring by displaying flowers in a cool looking planter.

What You’ll Need

Heres what you will need for this easy project. You can likely find most of these items at a home improvement store.

1/2 Bag of cement mix
Mixing stick for concrete
Water (according to cement instructions)
5-gallon bucket (2)

Now youre ready to mix everything together!

The Perfect Consistency

Mix the cement with the the proper amount of water which will be labeled on the bag. Make it so it is a soupy texture, but make sure its not overly runny. If its too thick, add a few splashes of water if neccessary.

Now drop your towel into the cement, ensuring that it is totally coated. Move it around with the wood stick.

Let It Dry

Now you want to remove the cement-soaked towel. Put it over the other 5-gallon bucket. Now its the waiting hame. You should allow it to dry for a good 24-48 hours. Or until you are sure the cement is completely stiff.

The cement should turn from dark gray to light color as it becomes dry.

Easy As Pie

Now you remove the towel from the bucket. Drill two holes at the bottom for proper water drainage.

Last But Not Least

Flip it over and fill it with soil. Now you can plant your beautiful flowers or delicious herbs and vegetables!

Just In Time For Spring

This is a long lasting planter which looks very unique and it is super simple and cheap to create!

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