Stack plastic bottles in a tower and tour water in the top. In a few weeks, you’ll eating…

If you want to have a garden, but lack the space, then this is definitely for you.

It can be frustrating having the desire for gardening but not having the type of space required. But it turns out that you actually need very little space to grow plants. This tiny-garden can work great right in your kitchen.

This amazing idea is the creation of botany professor Willem Van Cotthem from Belgium.

The first thing you do is cut the bottom of a plastic bottle.

Poke holes in the other end of the bottle as this will allow water to drain out.

Fill the bottle with soil. Use either potting soil or if you have a mix of nutrient-rich soil along with plant food that can work well also.

Now connect the first bottle to a fence or a wall. Have the cap face down.

Do leave the cap on the bottle. But for the rest, you will want to have the caps removed. That way you only poke holes in the sides of the bottle on bottom. The rest of the bottles will drain out from their empty cap holes.

When you are stacking, use same-sized bottles and stack them all with necks facing downwards.

One empty bottle cut in half can be placed at the top of the tower, which will work as a funnel for watering in the future.

Cut the bottom of the very top bottle. Leave the cap on though, and put a small hole in it.

Youll see how you can easily water the plants. The cap with the tiny hole serves to allow water to slowly drip through the funnel, into the soil.

Cut a small window in the front of each bottle. This allows things to grow in a standing garden setup.

Now push the soil to the side with fingers. This creates space for the herbs and seeds you want to grow.

The result is planting practically anything you want in these DIY hanging gardens! You can do anything from lettuce to even fruits.

Now if you have other plastic containers, this can work just as well. Plastic bottles are only one idea. If you go bigger, then the plant you are growing will naturally grow bigger.

There is a catch: you cant grow root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, as the containers would have to be destroyed in order to harvest them. Only plants that are harvested above ground can be used with this method.

While it may seem like a new idea, hanging gardens have in fact been used for many years, and they prove ideal for apartment dwellers and others you have small spaces to work with for gardening. The main key is making sure everything is hung in a stable fashion. You dont want your soil filled bottles dropping and creating a mess! Nevertheless, you should keep something on the ground underneath to pick up the excess water drain. This really is a great way to have fresh veggies grown right in your kitchen, and then straight into the pot. Doesnt get any fresher than that!

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