Surprising Ways That Mint Can Benefit Your Health And Hygiene

When most of a us think of mint, we think of peppermint candy, gum, or toothpaste that helps ensure we have fresh breath or clean teeth.

We also grow it in the spring to flavor salads, savory dishes, desserts, and big bowls of fruit.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of mint’s magical properties.

In addition to being used as food, this aromatic herb can also be used to soothe many bodily ailments, ranging from nausea to nasal congestion.

It also grows in many different varieties with internal profiles that benefit the body, as well as the taste buds, in amazingways.

And because of its accessibility, almost anyone can get a hold of it to try out its many medicinal benefits.

Scroll downto learn about the many maladies that mint may be able to heal! Who knows? The next time you are feeling ill, the source of relief could be growing right in your garden!


Mint, or Mentha, is an aromatic herb that can easily be grown and sustained in a garden or pot.

While thereare many species of mint, the most common are peppermint, spearmint, and chocolate mint and they’re all completely edible in their natural forms!

And in addition to its wonderful aroma and flavor, mints many hygienic and medicinal uses make it a particularly popular plant!

While mint and herbal supplements should never take the place of important medication or medical advice, they can certainly help to ease everyday ailments and discomforts.

Scroll down below to learn how mint can help improve your life!

Benefit #1: Soothes Nausea


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There’s a reason that we are often told to chew on peppermint-flavored gum when we are nauseous.

Mint’spowerful smell canalleviate stomachaches and soothe splittingheadaches.

This can be done by crushing up mint leaves, smelling mint-flavored products, chewing gum, or using an essential oil directly on the source of the pain.

Benefit #2: Clears Up Congestion


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Mint naturally containsmenthol, which wafts up through the sinus cavities and clears them like a cool, powerful gust of wind.

It also contains an anti-inflammatory agent called rosmarinic acid, which helps fight conventional allergy symptoms.

Drinking peppermint tea or inhaling the aroma of peppermint oil can help to introduce mint’s healing elements into your system.

Benefit #3: Prevents Acne


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According to Read andDigest,thevitamin A found in mint can help controlexcessive oil production.

The antioxidants found in mint will also keep skin healthy, clear, and bacteria-free.

It can be applied to the skin topically as a paste or mixed in with other skin-positive produce like cucumber or lemon juice.

Benefit #4: Improves Oral Hygiene


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This may seem pretty obvious, as most of us probably have peppermint-flavored toothpaste in our bathrooms right now.

Mint’s aromatic quality makes it perfect for fighting germs and masking smells.

In addition to getting your minty fix via toothpaste, you can also swill a little bit of peppermint oil or spearmint oil in your mouth to kill bacteria and get amazingly fresh breath.

Benefit #5: Provides Powerful Antioxidants


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According to Medical News Today,mint has one of the highest antioxidant capacities, compared to other foods.

Antioxidants destroy free radicals that can develop a host of illnessesif left untreated in the body.

So even if you aren’t stuffed up or nauseous, simply ingesting mint may have significant benefits for your overall health.

You can safely ingest mint in any way that you would like; you can sprinkle it inwater and teas and on other foods to add flavor.

Benefit #6: Aids Digestion


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Eating or smelling mint wakes up thesalivary glandsin our mouth, which promotes a healthy digestiveprocess.

It can also be eaten before or during a big meal to cleanse the palette and prime the body for proper digestion later.

Benefit #7: Reduces The Effects Of Breastfeeding


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Oftentimes, women can suffer from mild skin damage during breastfeeding, including chapping, cracking, or pain around their nipples.

Using mint oil around the area can sooth the pain while itsanti-inflammatory properties can heal the damage.

Benefit #8: Aids In Weight Loss


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The aforementioned digestive enzymes in mint can lead to a more consistent, properly functioning metabolism.

This can lead to a weight loss and an overall healthier physique.

Benefit #9: Helps Depression And Fatigue


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Mint is also a stimulant that can help recharge brain function.

Menthol is also widely recognized for having a calming, soothing effect.

So taking calming sips of mint tea or deep breaths of the soothing scent can easily make you feel calmer and less agitated.

Knowing how mint can benefit your body means that you can treat a wide array of symptoms all with the same simple ingredient.

Though these techniques should never take the place of important medication, or the advice of medical professionals,it’s good to know that a holistic supplement like mint can help to soothe many of life’s uncomfortable ailments.

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