The Most Brilliant Way To Reheat Leftover French Fries

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It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we have leftover fries. They’re usually just a sad reminder of what once was, never to return to their former glory. In other words, cold fries are the worst. And it’s really hard to reheat French fries to make them good again forums have been written about it. But it is possible, and you should never throw them out. You just have to be willing to fry them again.

We’re not talking deep-frying. You don’t need vats of oil. Just a couple of tablespoons, a good skillet (preferably cast iron) and medium-high heat. Cook them until they’re warmed through and crisp, about 2-3 minutes. Don’t we repeat don’t overcrowd the pan. You don’t want to risk steaming the fries into a soggy mess.

This method is definitely worth the effort. And once you’ve done that, consider topping your reheated fries with some fresh herbs, spices, cheese or guacamole. Or all of the above. Here are some ideas:  

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