There’s Now A Special Chocolate That Can Cure Your Period Cramps

Women of the world, REJOICE! Person has madea new chocolatethat might be able tocure your hellish period cramps.

Hailingfrom the pretty country of Switzerland Lucerne, to be exact the chocolate is called Frauenmond, which means womens moon in English.

The company behind it, appropriately calledChocolate With Love, boasts that their latest offering is madefrom 60 percent cocoa.But how exactly does it help ease period cramps when its that time of the month?

Well, as inventor Marc Widmer explainsto Swiss publication, 20 Minuten, the chocolates ingredient listalso contains 17 different kinds of herbs that apparently work together to help soothe the body.

We want to stimulate the menstruation days of status of women more comfy, Widmer says.

He alsodescribes the chocolate as being harmonizing and reassuring, and it even comes in a pretty dreamywrapper πŸ˜› TAGEND

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