These are the 10 best restaurant dishes in Hawaii right now

Hawaiis food culture is a mixture of old and new, simple and elaborated, near and far. It dates back hundreds of years and blends countless international influences.

In the late 1800 s, sugar nobles required labor to run their plantations, so workers were brought in from China, Japan, the Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Korea and other locales. Many of those people stayed in Hawaii after their contracts ended. Their descendants are now cooking for you.

Several of these chefs have adopted modern techniques from our nations best and combined them with their ethnic roots. The outcome is a unique cuisine thats equal parts familiar and unusual one trip to Hawaii is akin to a foodie escapade that spans the entire globe.

From hole-in-the-wall eateries to high-end , no-shorts-allowed restaurants, the choices are staggering. Here are the 10 best dishes you need to try, with insights from some of the chefs making them.

brussels Tiny fried fish stimulate these brussels sprouts at Moon& Turtle sing in your mouth. Photo: Moon& Turtle Crispy brussels sprouts with moms citrus garlic fish sauce and crunchy baby anchovies at Moon& Turtle, in Hilo, Island of Hawaii
Using octopus instead of squid in the Hawaiian dish luau devotes Mud Hen Water a leg or rather, an limb up on the rivalry. Photo: Mud Hen Water Liliha Bakery will stimulate you go cuckoo for coco puffs of a different kind. Photo: Liliha Bakery Sam Satos proves that noodles and barbecued meat are a perfect combining. Photo: Sam Sato’s The Pig and The Ladys pho french dip sandwich means Hawaiians dont have to go to Vietnam for food inspired by France and Southeast Asia. Photo: Craig Y Fujii

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