This Fish Tank Takes Care Of Itself( So You Don’t Have To)

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Fish are perfect for people who love the feeling of being a nurturer but don’t have the time or energy for a pet that requires strolling. But for an animal that requires little investment beyond some daily pinches of smelly snowflakes, fish are prone to succumbing if you’re not careful. To reduce the frequency of involuntary fish carnage and help your home supporting other forms of life, take a look at the EcoQube C Aquarium. This habitat is a Kickstarter success story which blends a filterless fish tank with a miniature aquaponic garden. Here’s why you should get excited about it πŸ˜› TAGEND

You’ll Never Have To Change The Tank Water

A forgot fish tank is perhaps one of the grossest objects person would be willing to have in their home. Not simply do you have to siphon out several gallons of foul-smelling water( preferably without spilling it anywhere ), but you also have to keep your swimming friends alive throughout all of it. However, the EcoQube uses the root system of a plant to become a wholly self-cleaning aquarium. Since its roots are the filter, there’s no tedious cleaning process or hardware to change out. All you have to do is sit back and let it assimilate the nitrogen, like some kind of sentient toilet-creature. Altogether lifting the need for ecosystem upkeep is an excellent value proposition, especially if you also have no notion how plants work.

It Grows You Fresh Herbs With Zero Effort

This aquarium provides you with a perfect surrounding for growing greens like mint and basil. In addition to providing an organic water filter, your plant get constantly fed by the waste of your scaly dependents. With this mutually beneficial micro-environment flourishing in your home, you’ll feel like a real-life gardener of kinds. Also a plus: Your tank will reek like the inside of a spice rack. Just try to remember that these fish are for owning , not eating.

It’s The Only Aquarium That Will Save You Money

Besides saving you over $250 per year on filters and god knows how much on fish food, the EcoQube also use 50 percentage less energy than a normal aquarium, and 90 percentage less water. It’s an excellent way to spruce up a shoebox-sized studio or bring the mysteries of the sea to your off-the-grid desert dwelling. It usually expenses $170, but you are able to pick up the EcoQube C Aquarium from our store for only $99.99.

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