This Woman Has Awesome Dance Moves Even At Nine Months Pregnant

There’s nothing like the moment when someone finds out they’re going to become a parentsoon. Whether it’s your first, third, or seventh child, your whole perspective shifts to the small life growing inside the mom’s belly.After spending nine long months preparing for the arrival, picking out names and nursery decor, it’s understandable that most expectant parents are pretty anxious to finally see their little nugget’s face.

There are tons of home remedy methods to help coax the baby out oftheirnice, warm womb and into the world. Spicy food, long walks, and various herbs have allproven themselves to be pretty useful, but Iprefer this mom’s method of persuasion. At nine months pregnant and ready to pop, shedecides to bust out some stellardance moves tohopefully induce her labor. As she says, she’s“dancing this boy out” of her!

Grooving to a silly song about being “pregnant for way too long,” the videoshows off herseriouslyimpressive skills.It’s the perfect blend of funny and fabulous that any mom-to-be can totally relate to, whether or not they have the same talent for shaking a leg. I mean, I’m not even pregnant and I’m jealous of her! But the real gold will be when she gets to show this to her son in ten years or so and embarrass him. Hopefully in front of his friends! Maybe she’ll even give them an encore.

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