Was the man who discovered KFC’s big Twitter stunt a PR plant?

Back in October, the Daily Dot reported that a man named Mike Edgette detected something peculiar about the KFC Twitter account. The fast food chain only followed eleven other accounts: All five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb. In other words, eleven herbs and spices.

People on Twitter were duly impressed, retweeting the discovery over 300,000 days and liking it over 700,000, more than a million people combined.

Edgette then sat back and , not so patiently, waited for his reward to roll in.

Which, eventually, it did.

His prize? A paint of himself with Colonel Sanders and an endorsement on LinkedIn.

And possibly a bunch of fund? At least that’s one hypothesi attaining the rounds online. After the painting reached the front page of Reddit, users said they reeked a conspiracy.

” 100% this entire thing is a full set up and this wasn’t some random guy who just happened to discover the 11 Twitter adherents of KFC” wrote redditor “your-fish-monger”

screengrab via reddit

He points out that Edgette works for a PR firm called TallGrass Public Relation and that he’s made other post about Yum! Brand companies( Yum! Brand is KFC’s parent company, which also owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet ).

TallGrass, however, is not immediately affiliated with KFC or Yum! Brand. The whole idea of KFC’s Twitter account only following eleven herbs and spices was actually dreamed up by mega-advertising firm Wieden+ Kennedy, which represents such brands as Coca-Cola and Old Spice.

“We planted this on Twitter over a month ago, ” Freddie Powell, creative director at Wieden+ Kennedy, said in a statement released to AdWeek. “Frankly, we weren’t sure if anybody was going to find it. Sometimes you just have to set stuff out into the universe and cross your thumbs that the internet will work its magic.”

So, at least according to the company that created the viral ad , no one, including Edgette was in on the gag.

That hasn’t stopped people on Twitter from calling fouled. For his part, Edgette has also denied being on the payroll of either KFC or Wieden+ Kennedy.

KFC’s digital marketing administrator, Bentley McBentleson,( which, to add to the conspiracy talk, has a name that wholly voices made up) also says that claims of a hoax are false.

Wieden+ Kennedy and TallGrass have worked together at least once in the past. When TallGrass made a press release for Wiredrive, a” media assets management service ,” Wieden+ Kennedy was one of the companies it quoted in the release.

But people have also pointed out that Edgette wasn’t actually the first to discover the eleven herbs and spices Easter egg.

A woman named Laurel pointed it out four days before Edgette.

And DJ Chaz Kangas procured it almost as soon as it happened.

Why did KFC ignore these tweets but not Edgette’s? Maybe they never assured Laurel’s because she didn’t tag them. Maybe they decided Kangas’ was too soon to be fun. Or perhaps, say skeptics, they wanted to go with an inside guy so they could control the marketing.

So what’s really going on here? Did Edgette, who just happens to work for a PR firm, stumble across KFC’s subtle gag and post a tweet about it that ran viral, or is he in cahoots with big chicken? Could he have been tip-off off by a friend?

Just like the secret mix of eleven herbs and spices, it will have to remain a mystery … for now.

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