There are a lot of bad cutting boards out there. Glass? Throw that garbage out. Those “cool” ones in the shape of your home state? Hang it on the wall if you must, but don’t bring it close to my kitchen.

If you only have space for one cutting board, make it a decent-sized one, like this one from OXO. (If you want to go fancy and get a wooden board, we like Boos). It sounds dramatic to say that it’s changed my cooking life, but it’s the truth.

A big cutting board allows me to prep a whole meal at once without having to throw various chopped ingredients in bowls to make space on the board. (You do realize you’re going to have to wash all those little bowls later, right?) I can dice onions, smash garlic, chop carrots and mince herbs all on the same surface, parking each prepped ingredient around the perimeter before moving on to the next task.

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