15 Award-Worthy Recipes For Your Oscar Party

March 20, 2017

You cant watch the Academy Awards without fabulous cocktails and fun finger foods. Red carpet wardrobe malfunctions and acceptance speech stumbles will take a backseat to these party-perfect recipes.

Slightly sweet, salty and spiced with an exotic mix of cinnamon, cumin and paprika, this stuff is downright habit-forming. The recipe is accommodated from Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson.GET THE RECIPE

Candied bacon( AKA Man Candy) has all the makings of an addictive snack: its crispy, chewy, sweet, salty, smoky, and even a little spicy. For this version, I use thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and slather it with maple syrup, brown sugar and chipotle glaze halfway through cook. As the bacon cooks, the glaze sizzles and thickens into a shiny, candy-like coating. GET THE RECIPE

Transform an ordinary block of feta into an addictive and flavorful spread with burst cherry tomatoes, capers and a flashing under the broiler. GET THE RECIPE

Thanks to store bought whiff pastry, this fancy-looking cocktail is easy to make and it comes with a most popular person at the party guaranty. GET THE RECIPE

These crisp and flaky cheese straws specked with fresh herbs and crushed red chili flakes make a fun hors doeuvre to go along with wine and cocktails . Though they look like bread sticks, theyre more akin to savory tart crust or pastry. GET THE RECIPE

Sweet, salty, spicy, and rosemary-infused, these nuts from Union Square Caf in NYC construct the perfect party snack . Bonus: theyre a cinch to construct! GET THE RECIPE

If youre ever in need of an elegant dip to bring to a party, this easy smoked salmon dip will save the day. Bonus: leftovers are delicious the next day with bagels. GET THE RECIPE

These cocktail meatballs are so much better than the grape jelly versions youve tried before. Youll love that the meatballs are baked , not fried, and the sweet and tangy sauce is ready in under 15 minutes. Induce extra they disappear in a flash. GET THE RECIPE

Ive had Coconut Shrimp at many restaurants, but this homemade version beats them all. Its remarkably easy to construct: you can do all of the preparation in advance, and the sauce comes straight out of a bottle. GET THE RECIPE

Who can defy adorable red velvet cupcakes? These have a subtle chocolate flavor, deep mahogany color, and lavish swirl of tangy cream cheese frosting on top. GET THE RECIPE

With a buttery shortbread crust, luscious lemon filling and dusting of powdered sugar, these bars are as fairly as they are delicious. GET THE RECIPE

Also known as Snowballs, Butter Balls or Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding Cookies are crisp, shortbread-like cookies made from ground nuts, flour, butter and sugar. This version is flavored with lime, pecans and ground coconut. GET THE RECIPE

13. 15 -Minute Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Rich and creamy fudge squares make a perfect one-bite sweet for a party. This recipe is a gem from Cooks Illustrated the fudge is not just foolproof, its finished in 15 minutes!

A make-ahead pitcher of sangria is the perfect party cocktail. Toss a few bunches of frozen grapes in the pitcher they look pretty and wont water the drink down. GET THE RECIPE

Every party needs a signature cocktail and this festive twist on a traditional margarita is ideal for Oscar night. Use a good quality 100% agave tequila like Patron Silver itll savour better, and youll be glad for it the next day. GET THE RECIPE

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