22 Awesome Things You Can Build On The Grill This Memorial Day Weekend

February 18, 2017

Nothing signals the start of summer quite like Memorial Day weekend.

The weather is finally warm enough to get the whole family outside, gardens are flush with beautiful blooms, and most importantly? The grill is uncovered, cleaned, and ready to go!

So what should you construct? Well, here are just a few recipes that will be big crowd-pleasers this weekend!

1. Let’s start off with appetizers! Did you know you can construct nachos on a grill? Well, you are able to, and these ones are loaded to the gills!

2. These honey Sriracha wings are to die for.

3. But if you want to balance your meaty meal out with some veggies, these cheesy zucchini wraps should do the trick.

4. Ah yes, here’s the perfect combo: bacon and asparagus!

5. Stuff anything with herbed cream and I’m there.

6. How about some sides! If you like corn, you’re going to love this cheesy, spicy, Mexican version.

7. But if that’s too out of the box for you, these old-fashioned potatoes will please everyone. They’re given a kick with paprika!

8. You can also run a little fancier with these sweet potatoes with a cilantro vinaigrette.

9. I can’t decide if this grilled watermelon salad is a side or a dessert…and I don’t mind it one bit.

10. Normally, I’d select meat over veggies, but these cheese and spinach-filled portobellas look ridiculous.

11. Let’s ease into the main course with a casual( read: amazing) bourbon teriyaki tenderloin.

12. Okay, but can we talk about this steak with herb butter? Can we ?!

13. Then again, these balsamic-glazed steak roll-ups look bomb.

14. Everyone likes grilled chicken, but this recipe with avocado salsa will construct guests fall in love.( Because avocado .)

15. What grill list would be complete without a burger? This caramelized onion turkey burger is everything.

16. But if you want to go super imagination, this grilled rack of lamb is all you need to set the mood.

17. Did you know you could construct pizza on the grill? You’re welcome.

18. These garlic and dijon salmon skewers come with their own lemons!

19. Following with the seafood theme…I present these grilled clams with charred jalapeno basil butter.* Drools*

20. When you’re done grilling these peaches and cherries, they get a cinnamon honey syrup. YES.

21. This grilled dessert pizza is everything that’s good about summer — including s’mores.

22. This grilled apple is filled with maple cream caramel sauce and topped with ice cream.

Before I started writing this, I had no idea you could grill half of these things! Needless to say, I became hungrier as I went on.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go heat up my grill!

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