5 Signs Your Apartment Is Haunted And How To Get Rid Of The Ghost

Weve all been there.

Youre lying in bed at night, reveling in the peaceful stillnes wrapped up tightly in someone limbs, when abruptly, you recollect youre alone.

Theres no actual someone there, and so youre faced with the difficult decision to either embracing being spooned by a lonely ghost, or to sage that rapey apparition the fuck out your bedroom.

Not everyone is going to be chosen as the object of a disembodied spirits affection.

But your apartment may still be haunted, even if that phantasm doesnt find you attractive.

Here are the signs you may be hosting a spirit of the deceased, and how to get rid of it πŸ˜› TAGEND

1. Inexplicable shadows

People have claimed that ghosts can often be seen by shadows that make no sense.

Usually, these shadows can be seen out of the corner of our eyes, which is how most clairvoyants experience their visions.

2. Strange noises

Listen in your apartment for noises that may range from sounding far away to very close.

Pay attention to things like objects being fell, doorways creaking, music being played or your name being said by someone who isnt there.

Psychic medium Rebecca Rosen suggests that hearing ringing in your ears can be a subtle sign a ghost is trying to contact you as well.

So if theres no medical reason for it and your ears are running off, you might be getting a call from the other side.

3. Stolen shit

Ghosts are notorious for taking your shit without asking merely because they dont have voices.


If you find your Muji aromatherapy machine collected from its designated area and abruptly back in place a few a few weeks later, youthat ghost was trying to huff your eucalyptus oil.

4. Cold spots

According to some paranormal researchers, if there are certain areas of your apartment that are always colder than others no matter what you do to heat them up, this could be a sign of a haunting.

Sure, it could also be a draft. But if ghosts do exist, then it could be the fact that they are made up of energy, and wherever that energy goes, it describes heat away from the surrounding area.

Im not a scientist; Im merely a girl who believes in the possibility of a sexually charged ghost encounter.

5. Flickering lights

The sunlights in your apartment have been checked, and theres nothing incorrect with the wiring. Youve changed the light bulbs a million times.

I hate to break it to you, butthis is a long suspected sign that ghosts are in the building.

So, how do we deal with these supernatural suckas?

Well, one style is to talk to them.

Every medium Ive ever spoken to( and I have spoken to a basketful of media) has said its perfectly acceptable to speak to the spirits in your apartment.

You can politely ask them to leave you alone, or you can asking questions why they dont find you attractive.

If you dont like either answer, you can sage the place.

Sage is an ancient herb, and while the laws of physics cant explain how it works to clear ghosts out of your apartment, I can personally attest to the fact that it smells bad enough to clear out the living.

And we have actual bodies to maintain some of that shit out of us.

If the smell of sage literally infiltrated my entire energy body, I would be terrified to return to wherever it was burned.

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