August 18, 2017

Earl Smith Jr was one of three founders of the Chicago house legends who released the groundbreaking 12 -minute single Acid Tracks in 1987

One of the innovators of acid home has died. DJ Spank-Spank was one of three founders of Chicago house legends Phuture, alongside DJ Pierre and Herb J, who released the groundbreaking 12 -minute single Acid Tracks in 1987.

DJ Spank-Spank real name, Earl Smith Jr suffered a stroke in May, but the cause of his death was not apparent. The news was initially broken via a tweet, since deleted, from Chicago DJ The Black Madonna, but it has since been confirmed on Phutures official Facebook page.

The post read: To our Acid House family and Music family at large we are very sorry to say that our friend and partner DJ Spank Spank has passed away. Spank is( was) a legend. We will for certain continues its run hes started on his final album project and his innovations in music. Please for now: Pray for his family and DJ Pierre two brothers. Permit them time to mourn. We will come back with news. Much love.

DJ Pierre told Thump: Spanky is the reason why the group Phuture was formed. The world has no notion how talented he was and how much I depended on him. He texted me last night saying he was working on music and how excited he was to have this opportunity to perform again. We were working on our album project and he was so excited about that. Im merely speechless right now. He lived for this music. So we will make sure he forever will live in this music we created together. He will be in a better place. Love each other people. Love life.

Dance music legends queued up to pay tribute on Twitter.

Justin Robertson (@ robertsonjustin) September 22, 2016

Phuture – Spank Spank your music changed my life. Thank you for creating such great jacking greatness #DJSpankSpank https :// NvFI1MZyYH

Gilles Peterson (@ gillespeterson) September 21, 2016

RIP DJ Spank Spank … Phuture https :// kljovMVsQG

alan_oldham (@ alan_oldham) September 21, 2016

#RIP #Chicago Acid House pioneer #DJSpanky. I used to play this on my old radio indicate back in #Detroit https :// ibsOyDb9Ts

Mike Servito (@ mikeservito) September 21, 2016

that sound is still resonating 30 year later and changing my damn life one squelch at a time. https :// hVn6u 4OJT7

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