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April 22, 2017
Image copyright Matthew Peleszon
Image caption Matthew Pelezson told: “Dad was a steward at the club so some of my earliest memories were going down to the club and watching matches with him.”

A football club has dug up land where a human says he was given permission to scatter his father’s ashes.

Matthew Peleszon told Shrewsbury Town Football Club( STFC) told him the garden he used was a memorial area when ex-steward Edward died in 2012.

But he saw a painting on the club’s website of house run where a bench and plaque for his father had been.

The club said the official memorial area was elsewhere on the site and it does not know how the mistake happened.

“All we really can do with the family is apologise sincerely, ” told Jamie Edwards, community director for STFC.

Image copyright Shrewsbury Town Football Club
Image caption Matthew Peleszon told: “I know 100 per cent where the ashes were. I knew precisely the place. I often went to stand and have a little chats with him.

Memorial bricks were laid behind the Salop Leisure stand and blessed by Bishop Alan Smith and Reverend Tim Welch in 2007, he said.

When ashes were spread at this official site it was recorded and a certification was given, told Mr Edwards .

The area of trees was a kitchen garden and there is no record of any ashes being scattered there, he added.

Image copyright Matthew Peleszon
Image caption Edward Peleszon, a former steward at Shrewsbury Town went to games during his seven year battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Mr Peleszon told: “In October 2012 we liaised with the club about[ scattering ashes] on the pitch.

“They said that wasn’t an option but they offered us the garden which they said they were going to stimulate into a bit of a memorial.

“It had about 20 different trees and a herb area. We did ours by a cherry tree.

“There were other trees which had blue and amber ribbons and cards on so I know I’m not the only one.

“Ex-employees of the club have been in touch with me and said yes they[ the club] did know about it.”

Mr Edwards told: “The people at the club really weren’t well informed this happening at all.

“It was originally a kitchen garden and for everybody currently at the club that’s what we thought it was.

“Until a painting was put on social media and a family came forward that was the first that we had.

“We will be back in touch with the families to see if there’s anything we can do to help them.”

Image copyright Matthew Peleszon
Image caption Matthew Pelezson said the club had been “very supportive” of his charity run which included running the London Marathon

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