Bringing The Outdoors In This Winter With Pretty And Practical Houseplants

October 27, 2016

As a native of Boston, Im no stranger to long, cold wintertimes. But now thatwintertime is ultimately, unavoidably, approaching once again, I find myself unwilling and unpreparedfor 4-6 long months of snowfall, ice, and whipping gale.

Unfortunately, however, I cant control the weather, and I’ve found that there arent manyjobs for novelists at tropical beach resorts.

Instead, what I can do is control my environment! In fact, I havent discovered a faster way to banish the winter blues than by spiffing up my living space with a little DIY pizzazz.

And this year, instead of justgoing on amajor cleaning kick or hanging some snappy homemade wall-art, I plan to jazz up my wintertime with a beautiful indoor garden!

Now, despite there being a snowfall of foot on the ground, I’ll make sure Im surrounded by greenery.

For a few ideas to kick off your own wintertime garden, scroll through the listing below!

Do youhave an indoor garden? If so, what do you like to grow? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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1. Amaryllis


This time of year, these festive bulbsare readily available at most grocery stores!

They merely need a little bit of water and plenty of light to growinto beautiful, living vacation adornments in plenty of time for Christmas!

And when the bud fades, merely cut down the stem and use the bulb again next year.

2. Jade Plant


If you’re looking for a bit more of a long-term commitment, you may want to consider the jade plant.

These hardy evergreen succulents can live for decades, andare famously low-maintenance.

They don’t like too muchsun, and will be perfectly happy without water for weeks at a time.

3. Basil


If you want a plant that pulls its weight around the house, why not go for a delicious herb, like basil?

Basil grows quickly and abundantly, and doesn’t need much care.

Plus, you’ll always have fresh leaves on hand for all your favorite recipes!

4. Rosemary


For an herb that you can harvest over time, buy a small potted rosemary plant.

They like lots of sunshine and minimal water, and the aromatic leaves can be collected and driedfor employ whenever you need them.

As an extra bonus, this plant will also brighten up your home with its lovely purple blooms.

5. Spider Plant


If you live in the big city, you may also want a handful of spider plants around the house.

These forgiving plants don’t necessitate a great deal of attention, and they’re also one of the most efficient ways to clean the air in your home, perfect for people who live in an urban environment with lots of pollution.

6. Aloe


Another useful plant to have on hand? The multi-functionalaloe plant.

Not only is the desert succulent low-maintenance, its leaves are full of a vitamin-rich gel that can allay a wide variety of scalp complaints, from sunburn to a bad breakout.

7. Kalanchoe


If you merely want something pretty to brighten up your home when the winter doldrums hit, you can’t do better than the simple, warm blooms of the kalanchoe plant.

It’s actually a succulent, this is why it doesn’t require much care, and the beautiful blooms come in a lovely scope of bright colourings, from true pink to yellow-orange.

And if you can’t just waiting fill your home with blooms and greenery, please SHARE for anyone else who needs their very own wintertime garden!

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