Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Perfume Is Meant To Smell Like WHAT ?!

August 21, 2017

Gwyneth Paltrow has tried to get us onboard with all sorts of funky products via her website and newsletter Goop, from vaginal eggs to mold-resistant shower heads. And per usual, the brand’s latest must-buy leaves us scratching our heads.

This week, Goop debuted a signature perfume and candle fragrance meant to smell like shiso. But before we dish out $165 per bottle on the Goop website, we want to know what shiso is, and what it smells like.

Shiso incense on the Goop website

For many of us in the American audience who don’t know, shiso is a Japanese herb perhaps best known for its role as a wasabi holder on sushi trays. But there’s genuinely a lot more value to shiso than that.

DigiPubFlickr via Getty Images
Shiso often serves as decoration on sushi platters.

What is shiso ?

Shiso is a member of the mint family and a popular ingredient in Asian cook. In Victorian England, it was called beefsteak plant. Perilla is a more current American term for shiso, but may also refer to the broader family of mint plants of which shiso is a part.

PicturePartners via Getty Images
The shiso plant comes in both red and green ranges.

What does shiso perfume reek like?

According to Goop, utilize shiso as a primary fragrance is rare in the incense world( which are presented true: a quick web search surfaced merely one other incense made to odor like the stuff ). Goop tells its fragrance smells like” spicy greens, crushed stems, and ancient exotic timbers. ” Translation: shiso” has a scent reminiscent of cinnamon and cleaves, ” as Tao executive chef Ralph Scamardella told Food Republic last year.

Annabelle Breakey via Getty Images

How does shiso grow ?

Shiso grows in various climates all over Japan. You can seed shiso in your regular garden or start it in a seed starting tray, then transition it to soil once it grows tall. Shiso is popular as a decorative garden plant that can easily be tossed into dishes.

It sounds like I should eat it , not wear it.

You can do both! Shiso has a minty flavor that performs beautifully in stir-fries, meat dishesand traditional pickled plums. It’s used as a garnish and is often sliced and added to noodle dishes. American restaurants have taken due note of shiso lately, adding it to fancy cocktails and secret menu items like grilled scallops. Try it out!

The Washington Post via Getty Images
Summer peach salad with shiso from from Rose’s Luxury in Washington, D.C.

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