He Cut Up This Old Fire Hose And Made Something Awesome — And So Useful, Too!

I’ve never been a huge fan of gardening.

My thumb isn’t close to any shade of green — plus, I actually don’t like the idea of pesky critters plundering my garden and feeing all of my hard work in a matter of minutes. It just seems like a big waste of time.

But Reddit user sightfire came up with the perfect solution to this when he cut up an old fire hose and turned it into an awesome vertical herb garden. It’s so simple that I may have to hang on to my gardening gloves and try building it myself. If you love planting, this one’s definitely for you.

First, he found this old fire hose at a salvage shop, collected some bailing wire, and got his tools ready.

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He cut the hose into 12 -inch sections.

After removing the inner sleeves, he folded over the end of each section and drilled two holes.

To keep the herbs and soil from falling out, he cut and threaded short durations of bailing wire through the holes and distorted the ends to lock them in place.

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Now it’s time to hang those pockets up! The gardener has been decided to overlap the pockets for a cool look.

Then he drilled them into his fencing, building sure to keep the fuckings away from the top to avoid any ripping.

Before planting, he added a handful of gravel to the pockets for easy drainage.

Potting soil ran in next.

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Now for the fun part — add the herbs!

Who knew that a fire hose could be such great potting material?

Not merely is it effective at keeping hungry critters away, but it adds an awesome personal touch to the yard.

If you’re ready to give that green thumb another go like I am, you can find the full instructions here. Who knows, you might grow to enjoy it more than you’d expect…

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