Here’s how to create your own Garden Spicer to honor Donald Trump’s media strategy

One of the silliest stories to emerge from the Donald Trump administration this past week was the report that Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in an attempt to avoid reporters, hid near or around or maybe insidesome White House bushes so he wouldnt have to talk to the press about the firing of former FBI director James Comey.

And while we wait to see Melissa McCarthys take on the matter on the coming week Saturday Night Live , you can get to work installing a Sean Spicer in your own home garden.

Thanks to Facebook user Lisa Kadonaga, its real simple. Cut out a piece of cardboard, glue a picture of Spicers face to it( you can find the photo on Dropbox ), slap it on a stick, and place it among your hedgerows, flowers, and tree. Like so.

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*** UPDATE *** I scanned my blow-up of Chip Somodevilla’s photo into PDF form and uploaded it to Dropbox, by popular…

Posted by Lisa Kadonaga on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kadonagas idea is such a hit thats it been shared more than 100,000 periods on Facebook and has accumulated nearly 50,000 likes.

Its no wonder that Spicer has begun popping up in shrubs around the country.

But Kadonagas kicker to her Facebook post is the real barnburner. She wrote, And hey, if you’re concerned that when exposed to second-hand outdoors, the image will operate …. no worries, that’s exactly what Sean Spicer does, so it’s totally authentic.

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