How People Get Holiday Tipsy All Around The World

All around the world, different cultures wait to bust out certain drinksto celebrate the vacation season. In the U.S ., eggnog is king, but in Europe, South America and other parts of the world, other festive beverages reign supreme.

We rounded up some delicious drinkings the hell is sipped around the world in the working day leading up to the New Year. Try serving one at your next vacation party to switch it up a bit.

They’re all a bit different and all go route beyond the classic cup of eggnog. Drink them in good spirits and good health.

1 Coquito, from Puerto Rico

Fine Dining Lovers

The coquito’s rum base and rich, velvety texture and hints of coconutmake for arefreshing spin on classic eggnog. Get the instructions for this festive drink from Fine Dining Lovers . .

2 Wassail, from England


British folks have been drinking wassail for hundreds of years, both tobless apple orchards and celebrate the twelfth night of Christmas, according to Historic UK, a British history website.

Get the recipe for the traditional apple cider at Tablespoon . .”

3 Ponche Navideo, from Mexico

The Mija Chronicles

Ponche navideo is a sweetholidaypunch typically served on Christmas eve and during the course of its nine days leading up to the holiday. And the choice to spike the drink is up to you: Rum, tequila and and brandy all progressing well. Get the recipe from The Mija Chronicles.

4 Gluhwein, from Austria and Germany


Gluhwein, a mulled wine, is a popular holiday liquor in Austria, Germany and throughout the Netherlands. Get the directions for the drink from Masala Herb


Gluhwein, a mulled wine, is a popular vacation liquor in Austria, Germany and throughout the Netherlands. Get the instructions for the from.

5 Sorrel, from Jamaica

Cook Like A Jamaican

The vacations would not expected to be completed in Jamaica without a glass of sorrel, a bright red punch spiced with rum. Get the recipe from Cook Like A Jamaican. from.

6 Glgg, from Sweden

Food 52

The festive wine beverage from Sweden gets an extra kick from fruit and nuts. Get the recipe from Food5 2. from.

7 Cola de Mono, from Chile

Nomadic Chica

Cola de mono is a classic Chilean drink similar to the White Russian. Get the directions for this drinking from Nomadic Chica.

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