I toke thee to be my wife: inside a cannabis bridal in California

September 18, 2017

From a pot sommelier to cannabis buds in the posies, Zak Walton and Dani Geens ceremony was not Carmels typical nuptials

It was a image postcard California beach wedding. The bride wore white. The Pacific Ocean lapped at the altar. The violinist played Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love.

Then, upon being proclaimed husband and wife, Zak Walton and Dani Geen inclined their heads, puckered their lips, shut their eyes and took long, deep puffs of potent cannabis.

A table by the altar had all the accoutrements: pots of cannabis concentrate, a torch lighter to heat it up, and glass ships known as rigs, through which they inhaled the vapour.

The family and friends sat before them minded not a bit. This, after all, was a weed wedding and most of them had also ingested.

Melissa Cunningham, the wedding planner, said:” The clairvoyant consequence you get from it is very calming. Dani and Zak want to be on the same spectrum going into their matrimony .”

Dani Geen and Zak Walton raise their glasses to years of weeded bliss and check out their rings. Photo: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

Everybody seemed to be on the same spectrum during the ceremony on Thursday at Stewart’s Cove, a bucolic beach near Carmel, south of San Francisco.

Walton, 30, savouring his first minutes of married life with a joint alongside bridesmaids and groomsmen, all smoking, said:” I’m feeling good. Nice and relaxed, medicated .”

What had he devoured so far?” I had some dabs at the hotel, a joint, some edibles. Not too much , not too little ,” he said.

It was all legal: the cannabis bud in the corsage and floral arrangings, the goody bags with joints and cannabis vapes, the cannabis-infused munchies (” handcrafted to melt in your mind “) and the dab bar at the reception in nearby Monterey, where a pot sommelier in a three-piece suit offered guests different ways to get softly, blissfully stoned.

California voters approved recreational marijuana last November, a landmark victory in the fight for legalisation that has paved the way for the largest commercial pot market in the US.

The smartly dressed weed sommelier is presided over by the dab bar at the reception venue in Monterey. Photograph: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

Activists and entrepreneurs have found ways to “weedify” multiple products and services, including bridals.

It was news to the catering guys setting up chairs on the beach before the ceremony.” A cannabis wedding, truly ?” said one, astounded.” Is it, like, a thing ?” asked another.

To evangelists, it’s the future.

Philip Wolf, the co-founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo, which showcases industry products and services, said:” Down the road, people won’t call it a cannabis bridal, because bud bars will be normalised. Smoking generates a bonding facet. People did it in ancient times. It enhances dialogues .”

Luna Stower, 33, a friend of the bride, said cannabis soothed nerves and stimulated couples more romantic. Stower, the wedding officiant and sales director for a cannabis distribution company, had benefited from munching toffee hours earlier made by a company called Mind Tricks.” It’s very relaxing. An aphrodisiac and a euphoric sedative that lasts a very long time. It has organic sugar so it’s a quality high ,” she said.

Cannabis-based snacks, just some of the baked goods on offer, laid out for the soon to be hungry guests. Photo: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

The high did not addle Stower’s brain. She resulted the ceremony fluidly, without notes, and made a quip about the the couple caring and honouring each other ” till dab do you part “. Dabbing is the word for heating a dosage of concentrate on a hot surface and inhaling it through glass.

Cannabis brought the Oakland-based couple together because they started out as smoking buddies, said Walton, who works on automobiles.” One thing led to another and here we are 12 year later ,” he added.

He uses the herb to ease backache and Geen, 31, employs it for fibromyalgia, tumours and other conditions.” Cannabis has been my medication and my savior ,” she said. Not to mention her employer: she works for Harborside Health Center, a medical cannabis dispensary.

She wanted her wedding to show that cannabis could be classy- integrated into decor and menus, with the reception hosted at Monterey’s Victorian-era Perry House- and safe, with controls to keep it away from children.

Geen chuckled off the stereotype of zonked stoners, saying certain stress of pot sharpened concentration.” I’m going to remember my night better than someone who has had a lot of alcohol ,” she said.

Steve DeAngelo, her boss and guest, concurred, citing Carl Sagan, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as evidence that weed did not engender low functionality.

A bridesmaid holds a bouquet containing cannabis bud. Some guests said the weed helped de-stress them. Photograph: Robert Gumpert for the Guardian

The drug also did wonders for intimacy, he said.” It opens you to more sensual experiences. It allows humen, especially young men, to match their sexual rhythm to a woman’s rhythm ,” DeAngelo added.

Geen was indicated that about 60 of the 70 guests were use cannabis.

Some were exulting, like David Nevitt, 34, who dabbed, munched, vaped and toked.” We’re at a weeding! Usually at weddings you have to be discreet, do it in the car park. Doing it here right in front of everybody, it feels revolutionary ,” he said.

Others were grateful. Holly Alberti, 34, said:” I’ve taken several concentrated dab and I could use some more. The ride over was quite stressful, we got lost .”

And some, including a pair of college professors, were coy, saying they might partake. They declined to give their names lest Google for ever connect them to pot.

The groom’s mother, Aurea Walton, 55, was one of the few to opt out.” I’m Catholic ,” she said.” So no, I won’t partake .” Then she smiled.” Unless it’s by mistake .”

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