Stoner rabbi’s proclamation attains your kush kosher for Passover

For those people who can’t get through a Passover seder without smoking a little bit of weed, you’re in luck. According to this boon by a resulting orthodox rabbi, marijuana is now kosher for the Jewish holiday.

That’s from the mouth of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky of Bnei Brak, who has proclaimed that everybody can smoke up( or policeman some edibles) during the eight days of Passover, as reported by Haaretz.

Here he is giving the blessing over the plant.

In actuality, Kanievsky was chanting the blessing designated fora variety of spices, but it’s likely close enough.

Jews are not allowed to eat leavened bread during the course of its Passover holiday, and there are other restrictions as well: Rye, oats, and legumes are disallowed( though interestingly , non-Orthodox Jews this year will be allowed to eat legumes for the first time since the 13 th century ), and while recreational marijuanas use is still proscribed, utilizing medical marijuana is now acceptable for those who keep Passover.

There’s no word yet on whether in order to enjoy the weed you must first dip it into the saltwater, as is customary at the Passover seder. But if that’s the requirement, there will be plenty of bitter herbto go around.

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