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April 25, 2017
Image copyright Marvel Image caption In 1977 Captain Britain and Captain America joined forces to tackle neo-Nazis

When rumours of a planned TV series featuring the cult comic book superhero Captain Britain were lately confirmed, fans of the Lycra-clad righter of incorrects were thrilled. But how should a character whose first combats were in the pages of Marvel’s comics in the 1970 s be rebooted for a 21 st Century audience?

After a motorcycle collision as he fled an armed raid at the Darkmoor nuclear research facility in northern England, the mild-mannered scientist Brian Braddock was resurrected by the mystic Merlyn and imbued with superhuman powers. Captain Britain was born.

The Captain’s earliest escapades in a decade of punk rock, wide lapels and the Three Day Week were very much a product of those turbulent times.

Perhaps his most celebrated feat was to rescue the prime minister of the working day, James Callaghan, who had been kidnapped by the Red Skull gang.

Captain Britain, created by Chris Claremont and Herb Trimpe, first appeared in Marvel’s comics in 1976, as a European response to Captain America.( Comic book legend Alan Moore, inventor of Watchmen and V for Vendetta, would take charge of the title in the early 1980 s and give the character a grittier edge .)

Rumours of the Captain’s 21 st Century reinvention for the small screen emerged via a tweeted sketch of his new look and were soon confirmed by US-based television producer Chris Lark.

Image copyright Ciara McAvoy/ Twitter Image caption Scottish artist Ciara McAvoy has provided a visualisation of a new Captain Britain for the producers

Prolific US author Matt Forbeck, who is behind the Marvel Encyclopedia among many other runs, sees the successful reboot of Captain America as a template for the new Captain Britain.

“He ran from being a cheesy superhero form to a much more nuanced character, more suited for the modern age, ” told Forbeck.

“I loved him[ Captain Britain] in the 1980 s, he was such a colorful character, and it would be fun to consider him redefined for the new millennium.”

Image copyright Marvel

Captain Britain

The alter-ego of Brian Braddock, who was born to an upper-class family in Maldon, Essex, and lived in Braddock Hall Braddock was educated at Fettes College in Edinburgh( as was Tony Blair) As is often the case with superheroes – Peter Parker, Bruce Banner and Clark Kent – Brian Braddock has a pleasingly alliterative name The Captain is 6ft 6in( 2m) tall and weighs 18 st 6lb( 117 kg) While wearing his dres, “hes having” superhuman strength and can lift about 90 tons in weight Has blond hair and one blue eye – his left eye is missing Endowed with a genius-level intellect, he is a brilliant physicist and engineer Like many British people, the Captain has a prodigious craving for alcohol Image caption Captain Britain was created by Chris Claremont( pictured) and Herb Trimpe in 1976 Image caption Comic book creator of Watchmen Alan Moore wrote Captain Britain narratives in the 1980 s

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