The Top 10 Kosher For Passover Wines That Aren’t Manischewitz

September 8, 2017

Drinking as a Chosen One is a tough endeavour. At least twice per year we have to hurl our tastebuds to the wind and partake in Kosher food AND wine that sometimes, actually, does not cut it in terms of savor. I necessitate, I’m still not convinced that Manischewitz is a wine and not just mislabeled juice. It’s a centuries-long conspiracy, I’m telling you! Anyway, luck for you and my tinfoil hat, we scoured the internet for the best kosher for Passover wines so you A) don’t “re going to have to” suffer through another glass of Manischewitz and can get Passover drunk like an adult. Check out listings here, here, here, ohand here, for even more suggestions.

1. Drappier Carte Dor Brut

Literally any holiday calls for some bubbly, and this Champagne is Kosher AND palatable. Largely Pinot Noir grapes make up this dry, crisp, and fruity bubbly drink. Pop this shit and feel like Drake at his bar mitzvah.

2. Domaine du Castel Grand Vin

Since this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux varietals is produced in the Judean Hills of Israel, its no wonder its decent kosher for Passover wine. Its smooth, its got tons of berry and( non-bitter) herb flavor, AND it works perfectly with brisket.

3. Yarden Odem Chardonnay 2008

If Bubbie usually puts out a bowl of matzah ball or chicken soup for Passover, bringing this Chardonnay. Its being developed by Victor Schoenfeld, a true baller in the Israeli wine arena. It smells like springtime fruit and is induced with organically produced grapes from northern Galilee, so you know its legit. If your family is legit and you typically have both soup and brisket, bring wines 2 and 3fucking duh. I entail, you supposed to drink at the least four glass, so. It’s what Elijah would want.

4. Capanes Peraj Ha’abib Flor de Primavera, Montsant, Spain 2009

Its a mouthful to explain, so you know its good. This red is a mixture of Grenache, Carignan, and Cab Sauv, this is why it goes nicely with something like a roasted chicken or turkey, if thats how you do Passover. Its one of the more popular Kosher wines in Spainwhich, I’m not really sure how big of a sample size that is. But, shit, you know Spanish people know their wines. Trust.

5. Bartenura Moscato

The famous blue bottle of Moscato from Italy has been a staple in kosher households for years. You might have even considered those “Hello Bluetiful” ads on a nearby bus stop or billboard and thought to yourself how cheesy and/ or dumb of an ad slogan that was. Well, this is that wine! The wine is better than the marketing campaign, trust me. It’s smooth, sweet, but not overtly sweet. Audio familiar? Thats cause DJ Khaled has been known to drink it out of the bottle. Kosher wine being featured in a hip-hop videothat’s what Moses was actually fighting for.

6. NV Laurent-Perrier Cuve Ros Brut

Ros Champagne for the winthe berry-forward, bubbly, and virtually nutty drink runs really well with anything salty, like your aunt Sharon’s attitude towards your dating life. JK, break out the fried reeks and brisket.

7. 2014 Covenant Israel Syrah

Yeah, this bottle retails around $70, but its also dark with fruit, licorice, cleaves, and is intense in the best route. I don’t actually know who reading this is spending $70 on kosher wineor any wine, for that matterbut if you are, more power to you. And also: adopt me?

8. 2013 Carmel Kayona Riesling

This isnt your normal honey-sweet Reisling. Its more of a dry assortment, with some citrus and nuttiness. It goes well with chicken, soup, and other illuminate fare, so knock this back during appetizer hour and/ or sip it on the low when your dad is passing out the matzah/ bitternes herb/ charoset sandwiches.

9. Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc

What goes with matzah? This Chenin Blanc which is inexpensive , not too dry, and highly rated. It also pairs well with veggies and white fish, so youre pretty much set on the whole Passover wine pairing thing. Honestly, though, if you feed matzah of your own volition and not only because it’s forced upon us AND like it so much that you’re pairing it with wine, I’m calling the police. You are not well.

10. 2014 Flam Classico Judean Hills

Bordeaux and a clue of Syrah make this wine great with literally( like, virtually) anything. The winemaker behind it studied in Italy before heading back to the Promised land, and it demonstrates.

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