Turn Old Dolls Into Beautiful Garden Adornments

October 17, 2016

Of my many hobbies, gardening has to be my all-time favourite. Inspired by my love for the book The Secret Garden , I truly enjoy turning my yard into a magical retreat.

As a kid, I always loved the idea of having my own little piece of earth, full of flowers and butterflies and maybe even an interesting little herb garden ,with mystery and secrets and intrigue behind every petal.

A garden is the perfect place for a little magic and mystery and that’s why I’m definitely puttingthis DIY project on theto-do listing!

To create beautiful garden planters, this DIYer employed old doll heads she found atyard sales. The outcome is an eye-catching appear that’s sure to set her yard apart!

Scroll through to see how easy it is to do yourself and her gorgeous aim outcome. Don’t these planters look like charming littlegarden nymphs?

She started off with these doll heads she bought from yard sales.


She then employed scissors and pliers to remove the top of the heads and the hair. She found it’s easier to remove the hair from cheaper, off-brand dolls.


She was then able to start with a blank canvas!


The first coat she used was a dark forest green.


Next, she stippled on a coat of light green paint.


Then she used a light blue paint. By stippling, she was able to add interesting texture to the dolls.


The painting was so easy, her two daughters were able to join in and assistance!


She let the paint fully dry before moving to the next step.


For the final coat of paint, she used a metal bronze colouring. Gold or copper paints would also look good!


In the opening on top of the doll’s head, she planted ferns and decorative greenery.


The succulents on this doll are gorgeous!


After three years living in the garden, she genuinely blends in with the nature.


She’s been able to withstand all elements and get prettier by the year as more and more flowers grow around her.


Before and after: What an amazing transformation!


Would you set something like this in your garden, or do you prefer traditionally bred planters?

Let us know in the comments below, and please SHARE if you lovecreative gardens!

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