Twitter Realizes KFC’s Account Only Follows Herbs And Spices& No One’s Sure What To Do Next

December 9, 2017

Now this is what Twitter was attained for!

One eagle-eyed user blew the hive-mind of social media after lately discovering that the official KFC account exclusively follows Herbs and Spices.

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Don’t get it yet? Let’s put it this route … the great Colonel Sanders is only following 11 accounts: five Spice Girls and six dudes named Herb!

Twitter user edgette2 2 was among the first to notice the fast food chain’s account follows Geri Horner, Emma Bunton, Melanie C, Mel B, and Victoria Beckham — along with six different Herbs — making a sneaky reference to the~ herbs ‘n spices~ in the restaurant’s secret recipe:

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