We’re High On These Trippy 4/20 Gifts

August 5, 2017

April 20 — or 4/20 — hasn’t become a gift-giving day on par with Christmas or Valentine’s Day yet, but such an opportunity doesn’t seem like simply a pipe dream.

As more countries decriminalize marijuanas, more entrepreneurs are trying to get some green by marketing products to stoners and potheads.

HuffPost Weird News has weeded out some of the weirder items that will surely light a flame in the eyes of your favorite cannabis consumer.

Be The Cannaboss


Got an important date at 4:20? Demonstrate up in style with this pot-leaf decorated suit. You’ll be the “Cannaboss” and that’s not only a pipe dream .( HalloweenCostumes, $99.99)

Coffee Mug Pipe


This is sort of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of tubes. It’s two great savor — pot and coffee — that go great together. Stoners can drink coffee from the mug portion while smoking their cannabis from a mouthpiece in the handle. Isn’t science great ?( ZangProducts.com, $49.99)

Bug-Shaped Pot Grinder


A pot grinder is a necessary tool for many a smoker, but most absence the kind of whimsy that true potheads appreciate. The Bud Bug not only does the job, but it looks like an bug out of an animated cartoon — the kind you’d watch when stoned .( GotVape.com, $23.99)

Roll-Up Bong


Many pot smokers opt the cool crisp be thought that merely comes from a bong, but many waterpipes are too bulky or fragile to be portable. The Roll-uh-Bowlactually rolls up into an easy-to-carry pouch, stimulating it easy to rip up anywhere you like .( Roll-uh-Bowl.com, $34.99)

Cannabis-Infused Tea


Iced tea is a great thirst quencher, but Jane’s Brewputs the THC in tea. Arrives in three flavors: Black, unsweetened and, of course, green .( Only available in California ).( HouseOfJane.com, $15)

Keep Off The Grass Costume


The costume tells “Keep Off The Grass, “but no one can keep their hands off anyone who wears this outfit. Expect to take a lot of sinsemilla selfies with fellow smokers .( HalloweenCostumes.com, $49.99)

VapRwear Hoodie

Native Roots Dispensary

Want to get a hit without having to reach into your pockets to get the vape? The VapRwear Hoodie is for you. The hood has a special vape system that they are able to holde-juice, petroleum, wax or dry herb. Then you simply reach and suck on what looks like a hoodlace and get stoned to the gills. Thank you science .( NativeRootsDispensary, $120)

Bong Belly Ring


Some people like to penetrate their bellies with pearls or simple metal studs. Others — like those who are really into the wacky tobacky — will probably enjoy this stoney stud that includes a miniature bong .~ ATAGEND No, the bong doesn’t actually work. Yes, it would be cool if it did .( Overstock.com, $8.89)

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid Board Game


At some point in your life, you will probably do something that they are able to induce people question whether you are drunk, stoned or stupid .~ ATAGEND Now that embarrassing question has been was transformed into a board game. Hopefully, you won’t be too drunk, stoned or stupid to understand the rules .( DrunkStonedStupid.com, $15)

Lighter Cozies


Most potheads view their lighters as an essential tool to their life. But they are easy to misplace — especially when you need it most. These lighter cozieswill make it easier to find the lighters as they will be less likely to blend in with the furniture .( FingerPuppetsinc.com, $2.99)

Marijuana Socks


Some people are potheads from their heads to their toes. To those people, there are medical marijuana socks . After a few hours of being worn, they probably aroma as skunky as their ganja of option .( SockGuy.com, $12.95)

Puzzle Book For Stoners

Workman Publishing

Despite what the “man” wants you to believe, being stoned doesn’t( always) attain you too high to do anything that involves complex reasoning. Some stress make it easy and enjoyable to focus your energy on complex problems — like looking at that Escher painting. This pot-oriented puzzle book is a great way to occupy your time until you’re ready to once again operate heavy machinery .( Workman.com, $12.95)

Bacon Jerky


Sweet and salty foods taste really good when you’re stoned. That’s a perfect time to break out bacon jerky ,~ ATAGEND a tasty snack that, like weed, is also smoky .( BaconFreak.com, $9.95)

‘Reefer Blues’ CD


Guess what, college freshman: You aren’t the first person to discover the exhilaration of blending marijuana and music. Sings about pot go back to the beginning of the recording industry. “Reefer Blues” includes all sorts of early 20 th century anthems about ganja from vintage jazz artists. By the style, it comes on a Cd instead of a download or vinyl. Deal with it .( Overstock.com, $9.70)



Not all potheads sit around and play video games. A plenty of active weed smokers are looking for an activity that is conducive to their choice of vices. Since being high can induce you feel as if you’re in a bubble, why not make it literal by playing Bubbleball ,~ ATAGEND a soccer-type game involving the use of inflatable bubbles. You’ll fall, you’ll ricochet, you’ll giggle. Repeat .( Bubblelball.us, $412 – $ 3,995)

Smoking Bear Room Spray


Pot smoke aromas good only when you’re smoking it and it stinks when you’re done. But getting rid of the smell is a real bear. Fortunately, thisspecially designed room sprayingcan help get rid of the lingering effects of smoking. Sadly, it doesn’t help with spilled bong water. Nothing does .( TheGeneralStoreSeattle.com, $11.99)

Utter Nonsense Board Game


Utter Nonsensemay be one of the weirdest board game we’ve watched — perfect for stoners! Players opt a variety of phrase cards that they then have to perform in a wacky accent chosen by the magistrate. And, yes, many of the accents are inappropriate. It’s hilarious trying to say a phrase fit for a Valley Girl in the accent of a Grandma or chicken .( The dress are simply representative of the accents and not included in the game ).( UtterNonsenseGame.com, $25)( UtterNonsenseGame.com, $25)

Chronic Cellars Wine


Wine and weed go together quite well, but most wineries don’t necessarily want to play up the symbiotic relationship. However, Chronic Cellars ,~ ATAGEND a winery in Paso Robles, California, has no such qualms. No qualms at all. Not a one .( ChronicCellar.com, $14.99 – $ 26)

Pass The Grass Board Game


This board game for stoners never gets boring. Smokers get stoned and more stoned while trying to accomplish endeavours written down cards. The game weeds out competitors from pretenders .( PassTheGrass.com, $24.95)

Ghost Spray

Linda Lauren

Science has yet to demonstrated the existence of ghosts, but belief is a powerful thing. That’s why this is a great stocking stufferfor people who are into the paranormal. And it runs, too: There’s no ghost in the other publicity photo the woman sent over. Stoners will be tripped out .( Linda-lauren.MyShopify.com, $9.99)

Lords Of Cannabis Board Game


Being a pot trader can get sticky at times — and not in a good way. The Lords Of Cannabis involves players to strategically beat out the competition to leap to the top of the marijuana heap .( Calendars.com, $29.99)

Solar-Powered Vaporizer


Getting stoned outdoors is one of life’s pleasures, but lighters are hard to use and can cause flames. Batteries can run out at the wrong time. The Weekender is a solar-powered vaporizer, to make it possible to get hits without having to be on any kind of grid .( Vapium.com, $189.99)

Wacky Tobacky Game


If you’re stoned, you don’t need a board game to tell ridiculous things. But it doesn’t hurt. In Wacky Tobacky Comparisons ,~ ATAGEND players vie to ask questions and come up with the wackiest match answers possible .( Calendars.com, $8.99 )

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