‘World’s First’ Lab-Grown Meatball Looks Pretty Damn Tasty

October 21, 2016

If you detest the thought of animals get slaughtered but freaking love the taste of meatballs( we’ve been there ), you and the cows may be in luck.

Memphis Meats, a San Francisco startup devoted to creating lab-grown meat from animal cells, released a video on Tuesday presenting the “world’s first cultured meatball” get fried up in a pan.

Lab-grown meats might mean more than merely a reduction in animal cruelty. Memphis Meats chief executive Uma Valeti said in the video above that his company’s process also produces 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional agriculture.

“The meat industry knows their products aren’t sustainable, ” Valeti told the Wall street Journal . “We believe that in 20 years, a majority of meat sold in stores will be cultured.”

Right now, the biggest issue is cost — it now expenses around $18,000 to create a pound of Memphis Meats beef, which isn’t precisely affordable. Other test-tube meat researchers have found ways to create more affordable products — Netherlands scientist Mark Post told HuffPost Live last year that he’d manage to get his lab-grown beef down to costs of $11 per burger patty.

And what about the taste? The taste tester in the video said the final product was “good” and “tastes like a meatball.” Sure, she is appearing in a video created by Memphis Meats, but we have still have hope.

Since commercial lab-grown meatballs may be a routes away, here are some veggie meatball recipes that might fulfill you in the meantime 😛 TAGEND

Vegetarian Meatballs

Vegetarian Meatballs

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